New Voltron DLC Now Available for XBLA - 'Zarkon's Arena of Doom'

"New DLC is now available for the Xbox Live Arcade game Voltron which is of course a remake of one of the best 1980's children cartoon series ever made. The new content is entitled "Zarkon's Arena of Doom" and is a new challenge level where you must choose your Lion and attempt to survive the onslaught of Zarkon's Doom Army along with new Achievements."

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TheGrimBunny2462d ago

I haven't even tried this game yet, as big as a fan as I was of the old cartoon. Is it any good?

Rainstorm812462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

I tried the demo, its a 5 player twin stick shooter, but it feels like a early generation PSN/XBLA game, very dated.

Games like Renegade Ops is better.

This is coming from a big Voltron fan, the best part of the game is the intro is the opening of the old school Voltron cartoon

TheGrimBunny2462d ago

Well that is a disappointment.

TheSuperior 2461d ago

Even if it seems a bit dated im still trying to let myself be excited. hopes not up but still smiling lol