Devil May Cry Animated Series Out In February

A new Devil May Cry animated series is set to release alongside the new Devil May Cry 4 console game, in February '08.

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*courtesy of Kotaku*

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Charlie26883941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

If you rarely watch anime and are a HUGE DMC fan I would sort of recommend it...ONLY if you have to see it cuz you HAVE to see it

BUT if you regularly watch anime this DMC series will looks like the animated version of a fanfiction story wrote by a 12 year old who just played the first game for the first time...for 10 minutes >.>

Its a COMPLETE achievement that they managed to make a source that is so interesting and FULL of potential such as DMC into such below average boring trash that has little to nothing to do with the source material other than the character names >.>

fopums3941d ago

yup, it was disapointing, just watch Dante lazily finish opponents and action sequences that takes up a fraction of each episode. Everything else was lazy Dante and annoying little girl. DMC2 was better.....*shudders*

Ri0tSquad3941d ago

I have been watching the Japanese episodes and its great, no complaints.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3941d ago

umm I think they are talking about the English Dub of it. Seriously the series finished awhile ago. It wasn't that good though.