Detailed analysis of disappointing Wii shortage

Check out this interesting look into the widespread shortage of the Nintendo Wii.

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wiizy3823d ago

its simple demand is just too high for nintendo to meet.. they sold 1 million in november alone...wii is just too hot right now

name3823d ago

I wonder why PS3 and 360 owners aren't threatened by the wii. I swear people could see an article saying "Wii SELLS 10 MILLION CONSOLES IN ONE MONTH!!!111" and someone'll just be like "oh, no shot at Sony winning now!!!", and just completly ignore it for some reason.

wiizy3823d ago

i dont think its about not being worried...its just that there is no use cause wii sells the most , month after month, just like the ds..they just have to deal with it

name3823d ago

I guess that might be it. I think its cause the wii isn't competing with the PS3 and 360 though. The wii selling isn't gonna keep someone from buying a ps3 or 360 so it's okay. I don't own a wii though, I have a ps3. But I'm definetly picking one up when soul calibur comes out. Or is it out now? I hope not :(

LinuxGuru3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Is already out for the Wii.

Nintendo claimed that they were not directly competing with Sony or Microsoft.

So therefore, neither Sony fans nor Microsoft fans are really worried about how well the console sells.

In fact....I think everybody likes to see Nintendo sell product, because everybody loves Nintendo, whether they know it or not.

Come on....who doesn't love Mario, eh?


P.S. I think Nintendo deserves its success, because the gamecube bombed horribly. It pretty much sat on the bench for the large part of 2001-2006. (except for Metroid Prime, which I loved with all my gaming heart)

KeiZka3822d ago

Yet Sony/MS fans seem to mock Nintendo at every post that is somehow negative towards good ol' ninty. Strange that.