Devil May Cry 4: Cutscenes and Accessibility Interview

In this interview, Gametrailers learn about the game length, cutscenes, and inner rivalry of the Devil May Cry series.

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Rybnik3728d ago

15 hours sounds good to me!

picker3323728d ago

its longer then all the other dmc's.

Rybnik3728d ago

I know, I was actually surprised to hear it would be that long. I think a lot of people (including myself) may have seriously underestimated DMC4 (not just based on game length, but the whole package). As of right now, I'm really looking forwards to it!

Shinro3728d ago

of nero changing bullets was really cool.

AshleyRiot3728d ago

He said his main rival is past games and making it better then the first one. As a fan of the series that makes me even more excited.