New Soldner-X trailer shows retro revival is strong

Soldner-X is import retail site Play-Asia's first attempt at publishing a video game. It's a blast from the past: a classic 2D side-scrolling shooter. Only, now with HD graphics made possible by the PS3. Already released on PC, this shooter will attempt to capture the hearts of PSN fans. Considering the amount of attention games like Super Stardust HD received, PS3fanboy is pretty sure that Soldner-X will be quite successful with the PS3 audience.

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Sevir043876d ago

kinda reminded of gradius for the ps2 and snes, this should be great, and a welcomed addition to to PSN, i'll play this one for sure upon it's arrival to PSN

DFresh3876d ago

This is gonna be awesome
gonna buy it as soon as it comes out
almost finished beating Super Star Dust HD
then I can this game
can XBL do this
hell no