Modern Warfare 3: Realistic Knife Throw

GameNTrain: Who ever said that Modern Warfare 3 isn’t a realistic game? In the video we are featuring here the blade being thrown demonstrates a realistic trajectory and bounce pattern.

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Berserk2429d ago

Lets all forget the "jumping out of a flying jet shooting another jet with a bazooka, then rentering the jet in midair" :)

Avernus2429d ago

What's wrong with jumping out of jets and shooting another jet with an RPG?

I don't know if you're trolling or what, but that actually took a hell of allot more skill than this.

Euthanasia782429d ago

It's because the AIM ASSIST is so damn high in this noob fest of an excuse of a game. U can shoot 5 inches to the right of someone's chest and the game "pulls" the bullets into him. Great tech for 2005, but MW2.5 isn't fooling me this year. Everyone have fun playing. You could do it blindfolded it's so easy. This is what casual gamers want. I'm going to play BF3. Later.

bwazy2428d ago

The chances? I'd say pretty damn high actually.

ilovemyps32428d ago

Don't need cheating mods and auto aim hacks: I see the game already has it ;)