The Last of Us: Naughty Dog Comments on Ellie’s Character Design

Naughty Dog comments on Ellie’s design and whether Ellen Page was a source of influence behind her look.

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Rainstorm812519d ago

I hate when articles are written over a half a sentence blurb from a dev.

“Ellie is a sum design of many different references.”

This sentence didnt require an article

ksense2519d ago

and to top that it was a community strategist from naughty dog that just replied to a comment on the blog.....

HeavenlySnipes2519d ago

I came here thinking, "If this article was made based on the comment I read on the PSBlog by A GUY NOT PART OF ND, I'll lol"

Lo and behold...

crxss2519d ago

“Ellie is a sum design of many different references.”

Ellen Page, Ellen Page, Ellen Page, Ellen Page, Ellen Page, Ellen Page, and Ellen Page.

hazelamy2518d ago

you mean.

Ellen Page in Hard Candy, Ellen Page in X-Men 3, Ellen Page in Juno, Ellen Page in Whip It, Ellen Page in inception, and Ellen Page in Super.

right? ^_^

SageHonor2519d ago

Thanks for saving me time to not read it

NeXXXuS2518d ago

Articles like this are why I always look at the comments on here first lol. I love you guys.

MsclMexican2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )


You know what? Why does everyone give a crap about Ellie looking like Elen Page? Seriously?

I mean there are so many video game characters that look like celebrities or characters from movies.

Here is some examples

Big Boss(MGS)= Hugh Jackman

The new Max Payne= Jeff bridges

The Litch King(WOW)= The Witch King(LOTR)

Seriously... people need to calm down about this... I mean it does not matter what the character looks like, its how they act and make you feel. That's what defines a good character.

Also, if you ask me if they did "copy" Elen Page, they did a really bloody good job of doing it because the character model looks amazing.

Also, do you actually think Elen Page is the only person in the world who looks like that? There are so many other people whom share some likeness with her.

(The last one made me lol)

Trolls need to calm down, they only end up looking like fools cough *j-blaze* cough

christian hour2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Big boss/Snake are modelled after Kurt Russell in the escape from movis actually ;) Kojima even said it once, in fact MGS1 shares similar plot points too.

Justin bieber one made me laugh as well, too bad N4G doesnt work on a top comment basis like youtube, this needs to be at the top to shut EVERYONE up :P

KwietStorm2519d ago

The examiner has made a career of writing 'articles' based on a single sentence, especially tweets. I don't know why they are even approved.

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yog-sothot2519d ago

Even if ND actually used Ellen Page as the main source of inspiration, they just cannot say it until they have some official partnership. Otherwise, Ellen could very well ask to be paid just for that... It reminds me that stupid unknown rapper who wanted millions from Rockstar because he said they had based GTA San Andreas mais character on him...

rattletop2519d ago

lol i didn't know about that. who is that rapper?

M1chl2518d ago

If I remember it clearly, its that guy from Cypress Hill.

eldeladi2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

They Could secretly be planning a movie for "the last of us" with Ellen Page in mind. The plot used in a movie seems to be just as exciting.

RXL2519d ago$hit?..

like really..just let Naughty Dog do their thing...

is it really that much of a problem for some of you?..

let magic happen mother flowers!

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