Beautiful new Skyrim screenshots will make your jaw drop

GB: "We have got our hands on some beautiful new Skyrim screenshots, showing the expansive, wonderfully created locales of the game, the game world, the dragons and a few showing awesome combat scenes."

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kcuthbertson2543d ago

Nice Try GamingBolt, but these are about a week old...

PastyGangster2543d ago

Not sure why you have disagrees. These screen shots aren't even that good, far from jaw dropping.

JhawkFootball062543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Most of the images just show the scenery off in the distance. The original Skyrim scenery looked great already looking off at something far away..

We would have a better representation of the graphics if we could see it the way we play, either 1st or 3rd person view.

crxss2542d ago

Gamingbolt ALWAYS gets me with their intriguing news headlines... i should know better by now. man i hate this site, almost as much as gamersheep haha

bozebo2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

lol, low res screenshots to show off graphics as is usual from those type of sites :s
And where do people get this thought that skyrim looks so amazing? The art direction is fantastic and the distant mountains and clouds are quire nicely done but the rendering is FAR from cutting edge and everything close up is really low quality with blatent texture seams etc. I'm not complaining about Bethesda (it would be just as good a game if it had PS2 graphics imho), but the uninformed people who keep going on about its barely-up-to-AAA-par graphics and making these articles constantly.
Then it's also funny that these particular snaps are meh even related to Skyrim in general lol.

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Campy da Camper2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I absolutely love the ES series but my stupid PS3 version is so broken I finally Craigslisted it on Saturday. Massive lag after 30 min of playing and as I desperately tried to just finish the main story, something glitched with I went to meet Alden (sp) for the final showdown.

I could not get the guy in Whiterun to help me. He just kept saying when he gets back but I waited 11 times (24 hour increments) I used the damn Alden shout 1000 times and nothing. I think it's cause when I tried to kill Paaragrax (sp) I messed up and tried to kill him before talking to him. His health just went down to zero then filled up.

I fast traveled 3 times away then back and I still could not get him. He just flies up then lands back on the rock. I went to reload my save and the system says I have a corrupt file. It just freezes when I go to load it. 101 hours in...


End rant.

noprin2543d ago

:/ that's sad,bad luck I guess
I played for more than 100H+ with my 2 characters and I still didn't saw a single bug

NukaCola2543d ago

Same here dude. PS3 version isn't broken for me either. Only issue I have is texture are blurrier than 360's but that is it. Also check the forums on bethesoft often and the 360 version has just as many broken quests. Only issues some are facing is frame drops, but they are working on it.

kaveti66162542d ago

So why are you trying to pawn it off on somebody else?

ilovemyps32543d ago

i didn't buy skyrim, i'm finishing motorstorm apocalypse, which i bought really cheap, on the psn.
i spent the last nights playing it, this game is a pure marvel, graphics and speed and everything is 5am, im forced to go to sleep. i'm in the advanced mode, it's great. incredible sense of speed, graphics, sound, in a word : spectacular
people, you shouldn't skip this game, i had the first 2 motorstorm, but didn't buy apocalypse when it was released, because there was too many good games released at the same time. now that i discovered it, i can't stop playing it. it's that great.

about great screenshots, here are some, from ps3 exclusives. really, xbox people, you don't realize what you've been missing ... :(

Virus2012543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Those were some great screenshots (I have those games and they are visually impressive) but xbox also has their impressive screenshots as well.

IcarusOne2543d ago

Well-played Virus. Have a bubble.

ilovemyps32543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

how to embed images directly here, along the comment ? thanks for help.

RankFTW2543d ago

Well these don't actually make my jaw drop as my game looks better than this.

BenderDGreat822543d ago

thanks to some crazy tweaking, mine does too. You know a game is incredible when you stop playing just to marvel at the sights around you. I love PC much...

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