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IGN: 12 Innovations We Want From PS4 and Xbox 720

The so-called PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 are a certainty. Less certain is what those consoles will offer, the innovations that will set these machines apart from the status quo. Obviously, better graphics, cooler interfaces, sleeker designs, sensible controller innovations. But what about the services on offer? (Next-Gen)

Relientk77  +   1382d ago
Backward Compatibility:

PS4 should be able to play PS3, PS2, and PS1 games

and Xbox 720 should be able to play Xbox 360 and Xbox games
Joule  +   1382d ago
Cross platform online.
Nitrowolf2  +   1381d ago
^^^ THIS

I know it won't happen though as long as one service is free and the other is charged.

I think Steam should be left to handle that as well, considering they have done such a great job with Portal on PS3 and PC. IDK maybe MS and Sony would put their differences aside and do it, but I doubt it.

Anyway Sony should enforce cross play more with PC and PS3 games.

But seriously Sony should have the PS4 do everything PS3 does but better. Universal music/screenshot is already a given. Same with Cross chat.

but one feature Sony should really get a lock down on is Universal Game recording. It's already optional in a small amount of games. I would like to see this expanded to all games on PS4 and at a minimum of 720P or close to that for recording resolution.

Cheaper full retail game prices for Digital as we are already seeing in Vita.

smoother XMB or better layout, player card and ect.

PS4 needs background installation and background trophy syncing.

Also more Video format support like MKV

Sony needs a competitive video store that can compete against Netflix and such. Give me a subscription based option along with good streaming and rental downloads. All for a low price per month.

A far better web browser is a no brainer. They need to go with something up to date and can be updated over time for any support almost.


Good Point


well it depends on how well it is. I mean technically no one would really know who has what console unless of course they aren't mixed up and PS3 and xbox 360 each has one team only.

I really don't see it being all that much chaos as some would lead to believe. Sure we would hear PS sucks and xbox sucks, but I think wen it comes down to gaming everyone would be able to get along. And personally I don't think a set of console players can really one up each other. Not like 360 players are any better then PS3 players at FPS, it all comes down to the player themselves.

But then again who knows. My guess it won't be, only one the internet will people really care about such nonsense.

Also full game transfer, none of the mumble jumble crap with Vita and PSP. Should have full backwards with PS3 games. I can understand if the next console after doesn't support it, but in truth Blu-Ray should be enough for nearly all future Gen. until the digital issue gets fixed. Blu-ray can hold hundreds of hundreds of GB and it's not like developers are really utilizing it this gen other then Sony first parties.

Also Sony IDK how much support it has gotten now since my PSP dies nearly 2 years ago, but console to handheld copying with movies is a must IMO. I'm not talking about digital on console to handheld, i'm talking about what Sony has right now Blu-ray to PS3 and then the ability to copy it to PSP. It's something that I think should be supported more.

There are tons of PS3 features that aren't supported, the next console must support these.
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chadwarden  +   1381d ago
That would create a fanboy infested thermonuclear war.
Ryudo  +   1381d ago
"I know it won't happen though as long as one service is free and the other is charged."

If you believe that's the only reason you have a lot to learn.

Microsoft or Sony allowing cross console connection basically means either or both giving up there million upon million worth of advertising and other useful data.

Sony aren't going to allow Microsoft to have open access to there group of PSN users or vice versa.

The only way this could happen is if they both allowed the publishers/developers complete control other then on-line experience something neither of them will be willing to allow.

It would allow developers to complete bypass Microsoft Marketplace and Sony PSN store loving them billions in potential profit.
SantistaUSA  +   1381d ago
I would like to see them implementing a way for us to record our gameplay, so we could transfer to a computer and edit as we like!

There are a few video capture hardware out there, but would be awesome if comes built in with next gen! Specially nowadays with tons of people using youtube etc!
Nitrowolf2  +   1381d ago
PS3 already does this, but at the moment it's not as widely used. That's probably due to the fact that it records at such a low quality and also uses to much resource.
SantistaUSA  +   1381d ago
@Nitrowolf2 I have the PS3 and I am not aware of that feature! I just google it and didn't find anything that says you can without a capture card.

Would you mind explaining and/or providing a link?


Ah I see what you mean now, well I was already aware of those, if I'm not mistaken some of the Halo games has that feature as well!

Capturing video is a system hog, so my thought is for them to have a video capture hardware built in that can at least record 720p, without having to worry about the game supporting it! It should be able to record everything like browsing thru your system etc just like a capture card that you add to a desktop computer! :)
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Nitrowolf2  +   1381d ago
Sorry I should have said that it's not widely supported by developers and is ignored like in game music. it's up to the developers to do it, but the fact remains that it's still very possible and most likely next gen it will be a lot better.

examples below.

Pixel Junk shooter supports it

I know that isn't much to go by

Uncharted 3 supports in game recording.

Tom Clancy Haux also


But they only record at 360 P

Uncharted 3 can be uploaded directly to youtube, but only 30 seconds. Other wise you transfer it to your PS3 HDD.
Here's a how to though.

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JBaby343  +   1381d ago
If I'm not mistaken, Just Cause 2 also has in-game recording. It would be nice if it was standard in all games for the PS4.
yesmynameissumo  +   1381d ago
I really don't want to play PS1 or PS2 games on a PS4. PS3 games, sure, but ya gotta cut the cord eventually.
JBaby343  +   1381d ago
I imagine the PS4 will play PS1 and PS3 games but I don't think it will play PS2 games. I don't think they will go through the trouble of including PS2 hardware and emulation is not that reliable.

As this gen has moved on, I've stopped using BC altogether. I used it for the first few years but now I only play PS3 games so when PS4 comes out I don't think I will care for PS2 games at all.
Bereaver  +   1381d ago

Processing power will no longer be an issue and straight emulation will suffice.

I don't imagine the ps4 to have any trouble playing ps2 games with fully supported drivers.
JBaby343  +   1381d ago
@ Bereaver: I hope you're right because it will definitely be a plus. Time will tell.
_Aarix_  +   1381d ago
We cant cut any cords cause we hath to have a ps1 and ps2 to play those games. If your against backwards compadibility so much.
yesmynameissumo  +   1381d ago
I can't stand to look at PSOne games running on my 65in 3D set. Same goes for PS2. Bygones.
_Aarix_  +   1381d ago
Fine then dont play ps1 games but as of 2011 im still want to play
Crash bandicoot
Legend of dragoon
Final fantasy 7
Twisted metal 3
Road rash

But i suppose hooking up my old dusty netbook to my vga compadable hdtv and playing them via emulation works too
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yesmynameissumo  +   1381d ago
You summed it up for me. I don't want to play PSOne games in 2011, soon to be 2012.
dark-hollow  +   1381d ago
i know it is stupid but an app store with easy to use dev tools which allows for thousands upon thousands of indie developers making apps to extend the capabilities of next gen consoles

it will extend the capabilities of next gen consoles to infinity!
imagine an app that lets you record your gameplay etc.
the possibilities are endless!
imagine thousands of indie developers making apps for ps4/next box.

it would mean new features everyday instead of wating for the next big update to include some features!
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Tarantino_Life  +   1381d ago
Thats not stupid.Excellent point! That would be really nice!
princejb134  +   1381d ago
were not ready for cloud storage just yet
i could already see companies giving us a limit of free cloud storage than charging extra for more storage
psn games and xbl games take alot of memory as it is
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Megaman_nerd  +   1381d ago
I swear that if the PS4 has BC for PS1, PS2 and PS3 I'm gonna buy 3 the same day it comes out. 0__0
llMurcielagoll  +   1381d ago
Agreed with the compatibility! I wouldn't be surprised to see PS4 having compatibility with PS3 2 and one though. Since they done it with PS2 and PS3 (60GB models)
Majin-vegeta  +   1382d ago
32 players for online multiplayer for each side.
Wintersun616  +   1382d ago
Cloud gaming only is a ridiculous idea. Consoles can't just wave a magic wand and give all players the connection needed to play HD games OnLive style. Of course they will have physical media.
JBaby343  +   1381d ago
I would prefer physical media any day. I'm ok downloading low-budget PSN games but for full-fledged games I want a hard copy.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1382d ago
I'm just going to sit back and be hopefully surprised and impressed. Im still delighted and sometimes awe-struck at the stuff consoles can do. Who would've thought you'd be streaming something like Netflix through your console?
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Tachyon_Nova  +   1381d ago
Are you having a laugh? A netbook can do this for christs sake.
Blackdeath_663  +   1382d ago
i certainly dont want more motion sensing. i just want better internet service and for gaming to be more social act like facebook but gaming i guess. i think it would be a good idea if instead of xmb when you open your ps3 it opens to pshome and you can use the menu from there .
MrBeatdown  +   1382d ago
They ask for the likes of Steam as options for digital game purchases for the sake of competition, but then they ask for a unified video store to cut down on the number of services? Huh?

I have no idea how that's supposed to work. Maybe you can access them all from one app, and pay with your Live/PSN wallet, but you're still buying them across different services and once you leave your console, it's still just as much of a mess as it is now.
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Tanir  +   1381d ago
dont need any innovations, just make games, no dumb motion controllers, just real actual games :) and downloading only games like steam is lame, i use it and hate it
LettingGo  +   1381d ago
Nobody actually hates Steam.
Tachyon_Nova  +   1381d ago
The main problem is that it is ridiculously slow. I'm downloading 6 games right now from a server with less than 50% load that is 10 kilometers away at 140KB/S. I'm the only one home, not downloading anything else and have a maximum dl speed of 4.4MB/s. Not good enough, and for reference I've never seen speeds below 2MB/s from Origin...
LettingGo  +   1381d ago
It's not slow for me. You may want to find a fix for that. Also, you're downloading SIX games at once. That may be your problem...
Brownghost  +   1381d ago
are you the type of person who got a steam account for TF2 only. Really its not lame its amazing
Bolts  +   1381d ago
PC style mods so those nickel and dime DLCs can kiss my ass, and I never should have to tolerate peer to peer in a FPS again. Ever.
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DonaldBeck  +   1381d ago
just give me a ps4...ever since 1994 i have been happy ever since. ever since
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SKUD  +   1381d ago
2 year warranty. Standard 1 year just doesn't cut it anymore.
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Brownghost  +   1381d ago
exactly since problems most of the time never happen during the first year
blaze22-qwerty  +   1381d ago
Most important is......Backward compatibility
Relientk77  +   1381d ago
This ^
jib  +   1381d ago
a "next" button for custom soundtracks would be nice
Brownghost  +   1381d ago
didnt steam first make achievements. Also i felt that the points system is dumb but psychologically it looks cheaper than dollars to people
Legion  +   1381d ago
LettingGo  +   1381d ago
No. The first "achievements" system is relative. Ratchet & Clank did it on PS2. Several other games did it. The first universal system was Xbox Live.
llMurcielagoll  +   1381d ago
One of the things I truly want from NextBox and next Gen PS, I would love to buy one console unit and keep it that way until the console generation after that.

I don't want to buy an Xbox or a PS that would break after a couple of years and getting a replacement. It is just Outrageous!

My own speculation about these breakdowns either:

A) Defective by design itself


B) They just want to have more console sales

Therefore, Microsoft and Sony; Please Please Please make sure your consoles are durable and smart they overheat they shutdown! No need to cook my processor and get pissed off for having to waste another couple of hundred bucks to replace because warranty had expired. Make sure your consoles for next gen are very well ventilated even let us consumers have easier ways of dusting off our consoles than cracking it open voiding warranty and what not just to clean it off dust!
Brownghost  +   1381d ago
no such thing as the perfect console, problems will happen get used to it
llMurcielagoll  +   1380d ago
Whatever man...

I agree that problems would happen sooner or later but I am pretty sure that huge companies such as Sony and Microsoft CAN produce hardware that would keep! (Not taking costs of development into account)

I still have my PS1 and PS2 and still working. I do understand that consoles are getting sophisticated gen by gen and it gets harder to maintain so on and so forth.

Some of us can't easily pay two or three hundred bucks to replace a dead console.
gypsygib  +   1381d ago
I'm all for no more MS points!

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