IGN: Console Showdown 2011

2011 was an interesting year for exclusives. All three lists are dominated by PSN, XBLA and WiiWare titles, but each system had at least a couple of true triple A retail exclusives.

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ApplEaglElephant2542d ago

but I love how 360 fanboys commenting on this.

Especially Dmixwell and jthminds comments.

dmixwell says "F*** IGN" and jtamind replies "PS3 fanboys only talks crap about IGN only when it says something negative about PS3"

Does he realize that no one really praised IGN and he commented on a guy who trashed them?

LOL. desperate fanboys makes me laugh so hard.

_Aarix_2542d ago

Thanks for prooving my point that ps3 fanboys like you overexaggerate.

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InTheLab2543d ago

The downloadable games have really saved MS for the past 2 years. It's been the only real bright spot on an otherwise terrible 2 years for the 360.

If I were to pinpoint where things went wrong, it would have to be fan reaction for E3 2010. The overwhelming support for MS's terrible E3 was absurd. Flash forward to E3 2011, and you still have people defending a console that has all but given up trying to please the diehard defenders. The sooner gamers stop defending mediocrity, the sooner MS will pick up the ball it dropped in 2009 and get back to pumping out solid exclusives. A few million XBL cancellations should do it, but gamers are weak. That will never happen.

This year was a lot better overall for 360 gamers thanks to the insane amount of multi-platform titles, but good luck with that next year. You can't depend on multiplats every year and MS has nothing in the tank aside from Halo 6.

As for the Wii, They were in a great position to have the Wii live on past the launch of the WiiU, but with a year like this...probably not. You can't hit a homerun in 2010 with a bunch of Epic Mickeys and DKCRs, then fall flat with only 2 major releases in an entire year. Shame on you Nintendo.

I think Sony more than met everyones expectations. Another phenominal year for Sony with a year like 2011, it's hard to imagine them doing any better for 2012...then they announce a brand new IP from ND, a Jak collections which surely means there's a new Jak in the works, Starhawk, TLG....2012 will probably end up like 2011. 2011 was an awesome year for PS3, even with the external interference and non-stop media hate. Sony may not have franchises with 25 year anniverseries or a huge advertising deal with Disney and Pepsi, but they do have a s***load of inhouse devs that know that a console is only as good as the games it plays.

Rainstorm812543d ago

I dont know where all the disagrees are coming from, but you sir hit the nail on the head

dark-hollow2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

ugh this topic is getting out of hand!

you know that not everybody care about all the exclusives????
the only exclusives i bought this year are uncharted 3 and infamous 2 for my ps3 and gears 3 and forza 4 for my 360.

i dont care about the rest!!!

i dont care about multiplat or exclusive. i care about the GAME itself!!
you people praise any exclusive like the second coming of jesus no matter how mediocre and actually get angry if they went multiplat!!!(mgs collection. dmc. final fantasy)

i didnt care about demon souls when it was exclusives and i dont care now about it dark souls!!!
it is not a personal agenda against the exclusive games, it just people doesnt care about every 80+ rated game out there!!!

if i have the ps3 doesnt mean i have to buy heavy rain and if i have a 360 doesnt mean i have to play alan wake!!!
it just simply i dont have any interest in those games.

some people praise exclusives even though they wont buy it but it doesnt matter as long as it ends up as a bragging right about who got most exclusives!

hell some people are getting excited over "tokyo jungle" just because it is an exclusive!!!!

look how hate/love has been decreased here in n4g for games like mass effect just because it went multiplat!

Spenok2543d ago

"hell some people are getting excited over "tokyo jungle" just because it is an exclusive!!!!"

Wow i hope you are incorrect about that.

I have yet to see any anticipation for it and i hope it stays that way lol. (in its current form)

Of course the game could always come out and be fun. Always give a game the benefit of the doubt before its released and you have had a chance to play it for yourself. But in its current state that is HIGHLY unlikely.

Rainstorm812543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Exclusives get praise because they are what makes one consoles game library differ from another.

Now every exclusive game isnt good (Haze and Ninja Blade were abysmal), but at the same time its never a bad thing for a company to focus on exclusives.

Exclusives essentially kept Nintendo alive during the Gamecube years when 3rd party support was few and far between. It also helps with brand recognition. You hear Mario, Master Chief, or Kratos..and it makes you think Nintendo, Xbox, or Playstation...respectively

Edit: The Wii is living off exclusives too now that i think about it, majority of its best games are exclusives

and Mass Effect is a great game no matter what system you play it on

TheBlackMask2543d ago

Typical dark-hollow commet

When the PS3 is being praised in anyway, theres you giving your so called "netural" side of the argument...playing the peace keeper, commenting on here or anyonewho has something possistive to say about the PS3 so you can hit there comment down to make it "invalid". Yet when the 360 is being praised it's a totaly differen't story.

Your not goin to get your bubbles back that way

Exclusives sell consoles, take advantage of them and show us what that console can do....all Microsoft have done this year is trying to stall as long as they can for next gen and using the casual audience while they wait.

EVILDEAD3602543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Great comment and points brought out by Dark Hollow (+bubz) and Rainstorm 81.

The truth is all consoles have their franchise exclusives, but gamers in the real world arent as focused on the exclusives argument as online.

Need some proof

The latest Official PS3 magazine posted 3 top 20 games that it's readers most anticipated.

The results? 19 out of the 20 most anticipated PS3 games from readers of OPM were multi-platform. Literally only one PS3 exclusive made the top 20 and it came in at #19..Sorcery.

Real gamers simply enjoy matter what platform they are on or whether they are exclusives.

@ Black Mask he responded to someones comment that was not simply talking positive about the PS3. So why go at dark hollow?


InTheLab2543d ago

First off, if you own a 360, you damn well better care about Alan Wake. It's one of the few new IPs from MS that's not Kinect and it also happens to be a good game.

Second, exclusives ARE games. Add those to the multiplats and you have many many many choices. Take away the exclusives and you're left with just many choices. It's really as simple as that. I'd like to think gamers are excited to have more games, instead of content with less. More>Less= simple choice.

I think these people you speak are not praising exclusives for the sake of exclusives. They're praising companies for understanding why consoles exist, which is providing games tailored specifically for that console and providing experiences that can only be found on that console.

So some people are getting excited for Tokyo Jungle. Who are you to say they shouldn't be? Gamers don't share the same tastes, and when they do, we jump on those gamers for like something that's popular like CoD. You should at least appreciate being given the option to play a new game instead of what everyone else is playing.

I swear it's like gamers have lost their minds this gen. How is having less games a good thing?

EVILDEAD3602543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

'Second, exclusives ARE games. Add those to the multiplats and you have many many many choices.'

Then why pretend that Micrsoft 3 biggest franchise released in 2011 AREN'T games? It makes me laugh when people keep downplaying the biggest Halo and Gears ONLY because they are on the 360.

This is what you say about Nintendo..

'You can't hit a homerun in 2010 with a bunch of Epic Mickeys and DKCRs, then fall flat with only 2 major releases in an entire year.'

A bunch of what? Epic mickey and DKRC are two games? period.

Here is a sample of what hardcore 360 gamers played in 2011 BEFORE Gears was launched in September.

Dead Space 2
Marvel vs. Capcom
BulletStorm (promoted Gears June beta)
Crysis 2
Shift 2
Portal 2
LA Noire
Fear 3
Mortal Kombat
Child of Eden
Deus Ex
Madden NFL 12
Dead Island


Gears of War 3
Forza 4
Halo Anniversary

Mixed in with these fall multiplats

Dark Souls
NBA 2K12
Batman Arkham City
Battlefield 3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Elder Scrolls Skyrim (GOTY)
Saints Row: The Third
Assassins Creed

This isnt close to the full list and it DOESNT include casual Kinect games. I own 20 of these alone and I KNOW that most gamers don't come close to spending the amount of money I do on gaming a year.

So how is it that you can defend 'Tokyo Jungle' but pretend that the Xbox 360 gamers hardcore gamers somehow had a 'terrible' year because they didn't play sequels to PS3 games they never played in the first place.

I agree with your quote though but it includes this same mentality

'I swear it's like gamers have lost their minds this gen'


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EVILDEAD3602543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

'The downloadable games have really saved MS for the past 2 years. It's been the only real bright spot on an otherwise terrible 2 years for the 360.

Only in PS3 elitist world did these 'terrible' years on the 360 exist.

For hardcore 360 gamers who love the franchises on their system and play hardcore games whether exclusive or not, then these past two years have been amazing.

Heres the proof..

If a 'hardcore' 360 gamer who ONLY owned a 360 in the last two years...this is what they played

The TOP 5 'hardcore 360 franchises got releases

Halo Reach
Gears of War 3
Mass Effect 2
Fable 3
Forza 4

The other notable releases

Alan Wake
Halo Anniversary
Crackdown 2
Splinter Cell conviction
Metro 2033

GOTY (2010 & 2011)

Red Dead Redemption & Elder Scroll: Skyrim

The top two selling games on ANY platform:

Call of Duty: Black Ops & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The Heavy hitter and notable multi-plat releases

Final Fantasy XIII
Batman Arkham City
Assassins Creed (two releases)
Battlefield: BC2 & Battlefield 3
LA Noire
Fallout: Vegas
Dead Space 2
Dragon Age 2
Deus Ex
Bioshock 2
Dead Rising 2
Dead Island
Lost planet 2

This isn't close to a be all list and it is without delving into Xbox Live or Kinect

My ultimate point is you have millions of hardcore 360 gamers who could care less about PS3 franchises, play hundreds of hours over Xbox live, push preorders for the top 360 franchises like Halo and Gears into a million plus, and stand in line around the world in the thousands for midnight launches of those same games.

But somehow a non-hardcore 360 gamer who doesn't even own the system claims that these gamers had a 'terrible' two years is supposed to mirror reality?

Only on websites like these do these internet ducktales carry ANY weight.

But since it's simply an opinion then he's definately entitled to it. I humbly disagree

Just my two cents


Rainstorm812543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

In disbelief that you said Crackdown 2 or Lost Planet 2, those games were terrible....both games only bright spots were that they were 4 player co-op.

But the point being made is in those "terrible" years he mentioned, 1 of the TOP hardcore franchises went multiplat(ME2), 1 of the notable releases gone multiplat (metro last light) and 3 of the noteworthy multiplats you mentioned used to be 360 exclusive franchises (Lost planet, Dead rising, & Bioshock).

Now to us real gamers this raises question marks to MS gaming direction. The Avg gamers who doesnt get online and read gaming news, are blissful in their ignorance, and ive ran into gamers who didnt know many many games are also on the PS3.

The irony in this is that MS started the trend that getting a franchise to go multiplat is BIG NEWS (FF & GTA)

There definately isnt any lack of games for 360 gamers to play, but unless a HUGE fan of Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable, Kinect or XBL there isnt much to differentiate the system from the competition...other than ignorance.....the same goes for PS3 users the only difference is that the list of franchises continues to grow, giving you more of what we all love.....GAMES

....Or at least that was my interpretation and i Agree with him

EVILDEAD3602543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

'But the point being made is in those "terrible" years he mentioned, 1 of the TOP hardcore franchises went multiplat, 1 of the notable releases gone multiplat and 3 of the noteworthy multiplats you mentions used to be 360 exclusive franchises'

This is MY point...

What does a game whether it goes multi-platform or not have ANYTHING to do with the enjoyment or quality of the game?

I played Mass Effect on my 360 and loved it

I played Mass Effect 2 in 2010 on my 360 and consider it one of my all-time favoritie games of ANY generation.

One year later Mass Effect 2 shows up on the PS3..Somebody explain why I should care. This has nothing to do with the fact that I absolutely had one of my favorite gaming experience on the 360.

I had a blast on both Crackdown AND Lost Planet 2..YOUR opinion of the games has no bearing on mine.

I simply pointed out that these games were played by 360 owners in the last two years. If somebody pretend that other people had a 'terrible' year because they didn't play games on their system of choice, it's simply a product of the fan kid mentality of this generation.

'There definately isnt any lack of games for 360 gamers to play, but unless a HUGE fan of Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable, Kinect or XBL there isnt much to differentiate the system from the competition...other than ignorance'

Just read what you just wrote and present it from the opposite perspective.

What if someone posed to you that:

'Unless your a Huge fan of the old PS2 franchises like Gran Turismo, Metal Gears Solid, God of War etc. or new franchises like Uncharted, Little Big Planet, and Infamous, there isnt much to differentiate the competition'

You claim it's ignorance that people don't know a certain multi-plat is offered on the PS3. But, I see the same ignorance in PS3 owners who are clueless about Uncharted or Infamous. In fact, for a huge contingent (not all) of PS3 only gamers I know, it's all about Madden, NBA 2K11, and Call of Duty.

Again, I just showed that in the last two years the hardcore 360 fanbase got the biggest 360 core exclusives and the biggest multi-plat core games. Which we all know which games rose to the top of the gaming world from both systems. If they are interested in playing the PS3 core games then they can buy a PS3 if that what they choose..but even if they didn't the last two years have been great years for gamers on both consoles.


InTheLab2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

This is where you went wrong...

"But somehow a non-hardcore 360 gamer who doesn't even own the system claims that these gamers had a 'terrible' two years is supposed to mirror reality?"

You've clearly been on this site too long. I don't say or type anything unless it's from personal experience. I am a 360 gamer as well as a PS3 gamer, a Wii gamer, and a PC gamer. My consoles and gaming rig are having a fierce competition down in my basement for my time. One console dominated the others all year long for my time because it offered the most choices, multiplat and exclusives.

As for the rest of your post, I'll just leave you with this...

YOU AND OTHERS LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON WHY I won't be playing that new epic game from Rare, why there's no Pysconaughts 2, why there's no Jade Empire 2, why Bullet Witch 2 does not exist, why Xbox has only to heavy hitters and 2 decent franchise, why there's no Ninja Blade 2, why we're only getting DLC Alan Wake instead of a full blown sequel, and why it's ok to go full Kinect.

If you're a true gamer like you probably think you are, then you should be demanding more from MS despite how busy you were with Batman and Battlefield.

This year, I played..

On PS3
Dead Space 2
Dragon Age 2 (awful)
DCU Online
Killzone 3
Socom 4
inFamous 2
Deus Ex HR
Dark Souls
Resistance 3
Batman AC
Uncharted 3
Ico collection (owned but still wrapped)

The Witcher 2
Crysis 2
Trine 2
Metro 2033 (2010 game but just got a rig to run it)

On Wii
Skyward Sword (owned but still wrapped)

On 360
Forza Motorsports 4 (owned but still wrapped)
Halo CE Anniv (owned but still wrapped)

Now, I could have easily bought those multiplats and played them on my 360 but I do not pay to play online, so most mp games go to either PS3 or PC. So perhaps I'm not a "hardcore 360 gamer" but that's not my fault. I want more games for the console but when I bring up how there should be more 360 games, people like you tell me there's already too many...

Now, I may not represent the typical gamer but I know my situation is not unique. So when I say terrible two years, I mean just that. From the perspective of someone that is not limited to a single console, there's been little reason to fire up my 360 this year. Despite how much PS3 I've played this year and the 3 or 4 games I need to open, and the 6 or 7 I need to finish, I'm still pissed Twisted Metal got pushed to next year with The Last Guardian.

I still demand more from Sony and no matter how many exclusives they force on us in a single year, I'll always want more. The day PS3 gamers stop demanding more from Sony is the day PS3 gamers become just as complacent as people like you.

EVILDEAD3602543d ago

So basically you are pretending that the 360 had a a 'terrible' year becase YOU never turned it on, you claim you own a couple of games but they are 'in the plastic' AND you don't own Xbox Live.

LMFAO..bro you have ZERO clue as to what kind of year HARDCORE 360 gamers had. Your simply a spectator projecting YOUR opinion about a system you do not use.

This is MY year on the Xbox 360 ALONE

Dead Space 2
Crysis 2
Dragon Age 2
Shift 2
Portal 2
LA Noire
Fear 3
Child of Eden
Madden NFL 12
Dead Island
Batman Arkham City
Dark Souls
NBA 2K12
Deus Ex
Battlefield 3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Gears of War 3
Forza 4
Halo Anniversary

This list does NOT include all the games I bought over Xbox Live or Kinect games.

Sorry..FAR from a 'terrible' year. In fact, one of the best.

My 2011 PS3 games

Killzone 3
ICO/Shadow of Collossus
Uncharted 3
Tiger Woods
Mortal Kombat
Sony 3DTV w/ Motorstorm: Apocolypse

This does not count the games I buy over the Playstation Store (which I am a self proclaimed addict)

Just because YOU don't spark up your 360, that own YOU. It has nothing to do with the rest of the world.

All of that crackhead talk about I'm the reason certain games havent made the 360 as exclusives is complete silliness.

But since your not a hardcore 360 gamer let me help.

Heres a little hint..360 gamers could care less if Bulletwitch 2 made onto the 360.

I know you didn't notice..Bioware has a few high profile games that are on the 360 and that PC you own. They are own by EA so I'm sure they know what games they want to release.

LOl @ Pschonaughts 2..when the first one sold so bad Majesco almost went broke. Double Fine develops what they want and I'm sure that game is not in the cards.

Case made..moving on


Hicken2543d ago

I'm convinced you're one of the individuals that would be called "willfully ignorant."

You know damn well what InTheLab is talking about. You can't possibly be stupid enough to not figure out that MULTIPLATS DON'T COUNT BECAUSE THEY'RE ON BOTH SYSTEMS. You turned your 360 on this year almost entirely for games that can be found on PS3 as well as 360, and likely on PC as well. That's no motivation to PLAY on 360; you simply have your personal preference.

My point? No, InTheLab's point: games playable on multiple systems don't give one an advantage over the other. YOU CAN'T ARGUE THAT POINT.

Let's take the multiplats out of your 360 list, shall we?


That's it. That's all MICROSOFT is giving you. They don't give you multiplats.

Let's take the multiplats out of your PS3 list now.


Despite you only buying six games for your PS3, those four are one MORE than what Microsoft gave to you.

The rest of the games on EITHER list of yours could be switched: Tiger Woods and Mortal Kombat could be on 360, and all those 360 games you bought are just as playable on PS3. It was YOUR CHOICE to buy them for the 360, yes. And that's perfectly fine if that's where you prefer them.

But, even if I don't like all of them, I'd have all those games plus two dozen more that I could ONLY play on PS3.

By Microsoft's own hands, they delivered four exclusives to their console. That's not a good year, no matter how you try to spin it.

Prophet-Gamer2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

For someone like me who plays multiplats on PS3 and/or PC, the 360 HAS had a terrible last two years. I mean, this year all I've bought is Gears 3 and Halo. That's it. Everything else has been bought for my PS3 or PC so tell me, how is two games in one year NOT a bad thing? It's absolutely terrible. And any decent gamer would absolutely pick more games over less (hence, PS3 with it's exclusives and mutliplats far outmatches the 360's multiplats and very few exclusives).

Very well said, couldn't agree more.

Outside_ofthe_Box2542d ago

I couldn't possibly agree with Hicken more.

EVILDEAD3602542d ago

Look I could easily stoop to your level and call you 'ignorant' or 'stupid'..But I won't

First off, I responded to 'In the Lab' NOT you unless that is your multi-account which easily is possible on this site.

I absolutley LOVE the double standard and hypocrisy on this pure comedy to watch it happen day in and day out.

For instance..

I laugh at how 'In the Lab' can say Nintendo hit a homerun when they released two exclusives in a year, but claim Micrsoft had two terrible years when they released WAY more.

I laugh at how if 'In the Lab' or any of the usual suspects say that because THEY own an Xbox, don't pay for Xbox Live, and don't play or like ANY of the exclusives that it means that the millions of people who do somehow had a 'terrible' year.

He listed the games he owns and I listed the games I own. But, what he failed to read was I received Motostorm for free w/ my 3DTV purchase and I didn't count the 5 Kinect games or the Xbox Live games I bought this year.

This is where I agree with Hicken..It's all about preference..

So then why do people pretend that there arent millions who prefer Xbox exclusives to PS3 exclusives. There are millions who love playing multiplats on the 360. There are milions who prefer to Xbox Live over PSN (free or not). There are millions both hardcore and Casual who love Kinect. There are millions of Xbox 360 owners who don't game on PC or own a PS3.

The fact is if you ONLY own a 360 and you own and enjoy Kinect, and you enjoy Xbox live, and you enjoy ALL games no matter if they are exclusive or not..then you simply had one of the best years in the history of the Xbox.

If you just bought a 360 yesterday, then the only a few exclusives released in 2011 means absolutely nothing. Why? Because you have the entire library of exclusives that you havent played yet.

But, if you are on NO multi-platform games matter, No kinect games matter, No Xbox Live games matter..and you clearly couldn't possibly enjoy your console of choice.

As for my PERSONAL opinion, unlike many on I absolutely love my Xbox 360 and PS3 Slim. Both, have their advantages and disadvantages.

The fact is Micrsoft doesn't have the numbers of studios to compete with the quantity of exclusives that Sony has. Sony released 10 sequels or continuations of their franchises this year alone. But, when you look at what the majority of the Sony fanbase supports the most, then that list of titles comes down to a few essential releases year in and year out. With that said, Micrsoft simply has to release the best quality exclusives it can from the studios that it owns..period.

point made..argue amongst yourselves.


Outside_ofthe_Box2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Lab said "The downloadable games have really saved MS for the past 2 years. It's been the only real bright spot on an otherwise terrible 2 years for the 360."

He's not talking about millions of people. If you prefer the 360 of course every year will be a good year for you as long as you prefer the system of your choice and like what it provides you.

Lab is saying the 360 has had a terrible year NOT millions of 360 gamers.

We are not looking at whether the 360 gamers THEMSELVES had a good year, as they will ALWAYS say that they had a good year... ALWAYS. What we are looking at is that Microsoft has failed to provide a good number of QUALITY EXCLUSIVES.

And from that standpoint I'll re-quote Hicken "By Microsoft's own hands, they delivered four exclusives to their console. That's not a good year, no matter how you try to spin it."

Just to repeat myself one more since you do not seem to understand, while YOU and MILLIONS of 360 GAMERS might have a WONDERFUL year of gaming every year since your purchase of your 360's, that doesn't change the fact that Microsoft has failed to provide a GOOD number of QUALITY exclusives within the last two years. That is ALL we are trying to say. If you love your 360 good for you. That's all that matters at the end of the day anyway.

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colonel1792543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I don't understand, and I face palm so hard, when the press just refuses to ACCEPT that 360 has had a horrible year in exclusives. The closing comment said: "All three had some great exclusives this year" Really? 360 had 2 exclusives! If they take into consideration the Kinect games there are more, but why does 360 is praised for going casual, but when the PS3 has a casual game is crap?

I hate this double standard that has been going on this generation. I would ignore it completely, but is also affecting developers and what type of games they make. The press has been the worst thing that happened to gaming this generation. They lack consistency and morality.

2006 or 2007 was clearly a 360 year. It had great exclusives and it was clearly a winner. The press praised that and bashed the PS3 to death because of it, but now that the PS3 is clearly the winner (and I would arguer that last year too) they just can'y give credit to it without trying to find a way to make the 360 look good for once (when it clearly wasn't good)?

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