Destructoid Hands-on with Turok's single player demo

The demo has your character, Joseph Turok, and buddy Slade starting off in a dark cave. You have just crashed landed on the alien planet while trying to hunt down a man named Kane, a former mentor turned evil. You will start of with a Knife, Bow, and two machine guns -- all of which can be accessed by using the D-pad. You will always have your Bow and Knife but you can switch out your guns at anytime with whatever other weapon you can find on the levels. You can also mix and match your weapons so, as an example, you can dual wield a shotgun and machine gun....

This is so going to be an awesome fight. There will be close to about 20 different types of Dinosaurs, both predators and herbivorous. There will also be Dinosaurs that the team completely made up in the mix too.

Turok will be out Februrary 5th and you if you pre-order the game, you will get the same demo.

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MK_Red3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I'm still unhappy about the shift from mystical feel of classic Turoks to more realistic approach of this one. AI and animations look spectacular and graphics are generally good. Hope it lives up to it's legacy.

picker3323821d ago

I've only seen soldiers and dinosaurs.
But where are the monster's?