Rumor: New Guitar Hero Coming Next Holiday writes, "Earlier this year, quite a few websites reported rumors that a Guitar Hero game was in the works to be announced next year. Let the rumor mill jump back into full force again, because we’re hearing that a new version of Guitar Hero is in the works for next holiday."

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Game4life2549d ago

It wouldn't surprise me

Rampaged Death2549d ago

It's dead ! If they need to resurrect one music franchise it should be DJ Hero.

Game4life2549d ago

Dj hero was good and somewhat different. Though I only have the second one, I enjoy it. I think though that they should try and structure the campaign more like guitar heroes tour mode.; That's probably ther only thing I would change

dvfaa2549d ago

DJ Hero is fun for a little bit but doesnt have the fun factor that guitar hero WT and higher had with all the instruments. maybe thats just me because i mainly play rhythm games with a group of my friends

kcuthbertson2549d ago

The problem with Guitar Hero is that they just kept releasing new versions. Nobody wants to buy a brand new $50-$60 game just for a few songs that they like off of the newest version.

That's where Rock Band got it right. Make their money off of the DLC songs where you can pick and choose individual songs and save money by not buying junk that doesn't interest you.

Reborn2549d ago

If true, they should modify the way they put out new songs, etc.

GraveLord2549d ago

I bet EA will release a new Rock Band also and flood the market again.

dvfaa2549d ago

I doubt they will and even if they did i dont think it would be flooding the market.. That was activisions doing by releasing like 6 hero games in one year.. in fact i'm almost certain that if activision never did that, rhythm games would still be as relevant as they were a couple years ago

sxbrady2548d ago

Ea did not flood the market. It was activisions greed that killed it!

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The story is too old to be commented.