Wired Review: Why Xbox Originals Need A Major Overhaul

Wired Game|Life - Susan Arendt, December 07, 2007:

"Preserving the classics is all well and good, but at what price?"

Arendt reviews Xbox Originals on Xbox 360 and reveals many problems: glitchy emulation, buggy gameplay, a lack of Achievements and extra features, the $15 asking price for each old title, and the lack of current game selection.

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WilliamRLBaker3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Agreed, they could easily have added achievements at the 360 level, online would have been harder but achievements could have been done and would have added a nice quality to the games and replayability for those that all ready have em.

The Milkman3909d ago

This could have been realy good idea if they would have enabled private chat and achievements for the Xbox originals. Otherwise I can just go buy the disc and maybe even find a used one cheaper and with more features than the downloaded content one. Unless you have a 120gb HDD and you want to use that space for something, I wouldnt even consider it.

Silver3603909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

As least not without opening up the game and rewriting the the game code. Achievements are part of game code and adding them to the code at this late date could have caused the game to crash in new and f'd up ways. And let's be honest the days for most of these games belong in the past.

WilliamRLBaker3909d ago

they could have easily done it, by writing code into the software emulator that checked for certain conditions, code that monitored memory addresses running within the game, Achievements dont have to be part of the game.

riksweeney3909d ago


I agree with what you've written apart from the word "easily". MAME has a cheat engine which essentially monitors the virtual memory addresses and allows them to be changed.

Then again, it's unlikely that you could, say, have an achievement for collecting or destroying a certain number of items if the number is never stored anywhere.

Ultimately it just sounds like more trouble than it's worth.

Sam Fisher3908d ago

its not like they r actually in a cd rom or sumthing. u download them and thats it so they have the power and possibilities to do so just put the data in and thats it b/c every1s downloading it. not buying them on cdroms (or wat ever it is)

Zhuk3909d ago

My only complaint is that they improve their emulator, I have no qualms about the price but the game should run good for 1200 points

Sam Fisher3908d ago

i mean come on at least 800 or 1000 points b/c 360 titles r already 1200 and 1000 so it wouldnt be right 4 the 360 titlles to be at the same qualities as an original thats disgraceful

SynGamer3909d ago

As many gamers have stated already, these prices are marked up at least 50% compared to buying them in a store or online. So at least a 50% markup and yet we received only the game with no option to trade/sell later on.

That is my problem with Xbox Live's arcade features, the lack of being able to resell our games. Or at least let us trade them if i have one game and a person has another. I imagine MS could have implemented something along the lines of allowing users to sell an arcade game or trade it for another. Just select the game, click trade/sell, select who you want to offer the game to and put in the price/game you want in return. The buyer can approve or deny the transaction. Should they approve, that game is queued up and downloaded, points deducted if it was a sale, and the seller is prompted next time to delete the game if they choose or leave it as a trial.

WilliamRLBaker3909d ago

no other online service has done this so how is it that microsoft could have done it?

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The story is too old to be commented.