No console is "best". writes: "Can anyone tell me why people think it's their job to defend their console. IT'S NOT! That's the job of the company who manufactures the product. Seriously, you don't see your grandma fighting with her girlfriends that her washer and dryer is better than theirs. I think this is just a characteristic of 12-25 year old guys. Not to insult anybody, after all, I fall in to that category, and I couldn't begin to count how many fan boy forum arguments I've started (but never finished) that the Xbox 360 is best. That's just it though, you can't finish a fight. Once a person has made up their mind on which console they like best and think is the best, you practically can't do anything to change their mind, especially not over the internet. The only real chance you would have at a good, fair argument with someone would have to be in-person. Just like the fact that most likely, this article isn't going to change any one's mind...."

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razer3902d ago

This will never get approved on N4G.. It hits too close to home.

Time Lord3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

For very very long time.

Rybnik3901d ago

And yet, it inches closer to approval, :)

stunt2133900d ago

This is a retarded article and going to cause a flame war

Douchebaggery3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Let's call it what it really is, a blogpost by a poorly informed nobody.

Bubble Buddy3900d ago

Killzone2guy says no console is the best
Marioparty,galaxy,strikers,ol ympic games, smashbros, paper marioguy says no console is the best

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green3902d ago

i hope this gets approved.Cant wait to here what the fanboys will say.

Its even going to be worse from the sony camp since he said he dosent own a PS3.

Gamingisfornerds3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

See, now that's the sad part. A lot of these fanboys are actual adults, possibly with a wife and kids.

Now I can see (not really though) how some unwanted teenager wanting to belong to a group with common interests would show this kind of behaviour, but an actual adult that should've developped some braincels to think for himself and realise that these companies don't care for him but mearly his money, that's just sad really.

Fanboys are only getting at themselves missing out on tons of games they would greatly enjoy, just because a certain companies name is/or isn't attached to it.

And no, this will not get approved. Fanboys are the majority here unfortunately and will not listen to any reasoning. Sad but true.

Apocalypse Shadow3901d ago

but it's not about "defending."it's about correcting the fanboys on the lies or the exaggeration of truth.

ps3 has no memory when it clearly matches 360.
ps3 has no games when the attachrate is already at 3.5 compared to 6.5 for 360.obviously that number(3.5) means something about games.
ps3 gamer's don't buy enough games when the system just came out.
ps3 is a "bluray player" when clearly the system doesn't play hd-dvd or dvd's obviously a bluray player.
ps3 has worse online when it's really just new compared to 5 years of xbox live.
1080p not needed for HD,hdmi not needed for HD tvs,larger hard drives are not needed for next gen downloads.

just bold faced it's more like spreading the just comes across as defending against microsoft's viral marketing to slow ps3 wouldn't be needed if the truth was out there.when ps3 fans point out the truth about RROD or expensive accessories from microsoft,that are clearly true,it's pushed to the side as "LIES."

if one side left the systems to sell to whoever it will sell to,the other side would not bother responding.does it all really matter in the whole scheme of things?hell no....

but it's fun to debate though.

mag lev...................

Rybnik3901d ago

Mag Lev I agree with you although sometimes you are a bit forceful and maybe exageratory on the PS3 side. Although I admit (especially now that game library is getting much better) I favor PS3, I realize that there is A LOT that Sony will have to make happen if they are to pull out in front, or even even with MS (especially here in US).

candystop3900d ago

The truth my azz! We all have are own view of the truth and why is the rrod important to you? What would make you hate 360 so bad that you would try and take a low blow at any given opportunity? I see where this guy is coming from but if Sony and there fan base didn't come across as arrogant Aholes then this wouldn't even be a discussion right now! I'm not the one to point fingers but in away Sony and there fans had this coming. These type of reads make me sick because it's never a problem until 360 fans start to voice there opinion! This crap is never going to end and I bet at E3 or whatever this year Sony is going to try and pull another low blow to get there fans all hateful and excited again!

dantesparda3900d ago

What are you talking about? i dont praise either system, and dont consider myself a fanboy of either system, and i can tell you that the 360 fanboys are just as bad and just as arrogant as the PS3 fanboys. So give it a rest with you "fanboy" opinion.

InMyOpinion3901d ago

My 360 is a little better than other 360's. I'm pretty sure it produces better graphics.

ReBurn3900d ago

Yours is certainly better than mine is. Mine doesn't produce any graphics. And it won't until it comes back from Microsoft. But once it is repaired it is clearly going to be better than yours.

jorellpogi3900d ago

Your 360 is better than my 360. Mine suffered a permanent RROD last Dec 1. I'm planning to fix it myself since the repair price here in the far east is so expensive.

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