French Lifetime Hardware Sales

Newspaper Les Echoes have, upon being handed the information by Microsoft Europe, announced that the 360 has sold half a million units in France since launch. Jeux France went ahead and filled in the gaps by publishing the total lifetime sales of the Wii and PS3. Between them? Oh yes, a straight-up comparison of how the three are doing in one of Europe's biggest markets was done. Just don't expect to be surprised with the results....

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to4073759d ago

I thought some Ps3 slaves said Ps3 is winning in Europe. Half a million units sold in France, its pretty impressive. The Second largest market in the games industry in Europe, with the UK being the largest . apparently 360 is massive over in UK .

Lucreto3759d ago

500,000 in 2 years is pretty bad considering the PS3 was only released in March and it has 270,000 already. So in 10 months the PS3 has half the install base of the 360 which it took 2 years to build.

It is still Sony land but the PS3 will catch up eventually.

shmee3759d ago

on VGCHARTS x360 is at 557k and ps3 at 285k .

X360 overtracked by VGCHARTS by 57000 units

PS3 overtracked by just 15000 units

Wii overtracked by 110 000 units

X360 is non existent in EU except in some parts of UK. However Uncharted and singstar have changed that as well

Miller3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Do you live in Europe? You're quick to denounce anything but the PS3 over here but you have an illogically skewed perspective...

I have a lot of gaming friends, most of whom have been met through two different forums that are completely unrelated to gaming (so not biased to any console). Of all of the people I know in to gaming two of them have PS3s. By comparison my friends list on Xbox Live has 30+ people on it from the (non-gaming) forum I run plus innumerable "game-friends" from other places on the internet. Oh, and they're all in Europe bar two.

When the good friend of mine who has a PS3 bought his console over we tried playing one of the PSN games online (Calling All Cars I think it was), there was only one game lobby listed. One... Not a very good indication of a heavy presence of PS3 users in this country. Even then it wouldn't let us connect.

When I play XBL I frequently play alongside Dutch, German and French players. I imagine there's other nationalities too but they're the only languages I've ever studied to some extent so they're the ones I pick up on.

With such a massive userbase carrying over from the PS2 it's beyond unlikely that the 360 will retain it's lead forever; why can't you just be happy with what you own instead of wasting your time belittling something else? It makes you sound like nothing more than an angry little boy.

wiizy3759d ago

wii just doesnt play around...cant wait for smash brothers and all the hot games coming out next year just to see how much the numbers increase.....2008 may see the wii sell even more systems

rushbd3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

PS3 is already more than 50% of 360 ?!?!
It wont take too much time to overshadow the 360 for it.

if you have IQ of over 100 check this out:

xbox 360 sold 500,000 units in 24 months .(20833.334 units per month )

ps3 sold 270,000 units in 9 months .(30000.000 units per month )

SO PS3 is actively outselling xbox 360 by 9166.667 units per month .

EDIT: What a surprise . I have a disagree already. Care to show your miserable face, the unintelligent one ? SImple maths must be too hard for you. I really feel sorry for you..... Go complete your education and then come back here.

PS3PCFTW3759d ago

its a fact, xfans cant compute pre-algebra equations.

those very few that can, ignore it anyways.

+bubbles 4 u

WeaseL3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

250,000 a year for the 360 and 270,00 in 9 months for the PS3

MythSquare3759d ago

Yeah PS3 FTW in France and vgchartz always underestimates PS3. Why is it happen I really don't know.-(((

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