BF3 - Battlerecorder is uncertain, major issues being worked on, devs aware of "rubber arms" glitch

DSOGaming writes: "Battlefield 3 is certainly one of the most antictive FPS games of this year. However, it’s still bugged and some bugs/issues were even introduced with the last expansion pack. According to the game’s Twitter page, the developers are already aware of most of the game’s major issues and are working on fixing them. In addition, the developers are aware of the “rubber arms” glitch and will fix it, though we don’t know whether or not this fix will be present in the next update."

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Holeran2549d ago

I keep hearing all of these fixes they are looking into / working on. When the hell are they going to fix the worst problems of all like the input lag and VOIP issues that have plagued the PS3 since release day? I don't want to hear about we're going to be fixing this and that when they won't fix the things that have been broken for going on 3 months now. The beta on PS3 is what sold me on the game so I bought it at midnight launch and when I got it home it had input lag that made it not near as smooth as the beta. Then I got on with friends and low and behold no one can hear each other. Come on EA/DICE fix your game.

john22549d ago

Well, it's holiday season so my guess is that a new update will be released in early January... hopefully... possibly :P

SJPFTW2549d ago

Because the PS3 is not the only system out there. Believe it or not.

Holeran2548d ago

But unfortunately it's the one with the most problems on Battlefield 3 believe it or not.

Cosmit2548d ago

We understand that it's not the only system. But then again they were siding with the PS3 when they were marketing this game. Making it seem that the PS3 will be superior to the 360. And the fact that this has been a problem since release day(2 months ago) and the fact that a beta was released as well and even told by DICE themselves that VOIP will be resolved by release date is unacceptable.

NotSoSilentBob2549d ago

Thats what you get from a halfarsed dev.

Tachyon_Nova2549d ago

Yeah, there can't be more than a hand full of people working on BF3's issues given how slow they are to address them. Pathetic, and to think peopel actually believed they were better than Activision....

sovietsoldier2549d ago

seen lots of cheaters and hackers on lately sad that dice is taking so long to ban them. they need to start looking at the hacking sites that sell those programs that let you hack and shut em down.

rbluetank2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

we need some fixed amo crates on these boards. it is harder then hell to find somebody who dissing out ammo crates. why not give player resupply when you take over area. they should make the jets/helicopter refuel. they have boats in the ocean and army base. the jets/helicopter should be made to use them... why did Dice let the enemy jets/helicopter land behind your bases? they fix damages to the jets/helicopters to comeback and kill your teamateskill on your armybase. WTF! Dice!. the player leaves the jets and has 10 seconds to fix damages and jumps back in.. there should be a instant deadzone from keeping this from happening. out. this is my last BF game... the game is fun but it too empty of players for me...

Somebody2549d ago

DICE should really beef up the AA guns in bases. I understand that they are positioned facing away from the main battlefield to prevent campers from ruining the pilots' fun but why are they so pitifully ineffective in defending their own base? I've seen too many times a jet would dive steeply over a base, strafe a friendly jet that is taking off and fly so close to the ground that the AA gun only have seconds to react.

Adding a static Stinger or two in the base might help a bit.

Hufandpuf2549d ago

On 360 imput lag and VOIP issues are nonexistent. Ps3 players are tge only ones with serious problems. And PC players seem to be having a great experience. Oh well. I guess DICE is the worst dev because the PS3 is having problems and with Skyrim too.

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