Why you'll remain loyal to either Sony or Microsoft next gen

With consumers sticking with what they know, here's some reasons why many will stay with either Sony or Microsoft when new consoles arrive in the near future.

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fluffydelusions2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

I have no loyalty to any one company. I have a 360, PS3, and gaming PC. IF I did have to choose just one (not counting PC of course) though it would be Sony.

RedDead2518d ago

Depends on release time and games at the time. Xbox was better than Ps3 till about 2009 imo

theonlylolking2518d ago

Only for those who did not know what games the PS3 had before 2009.

dark-hollow2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

some people preferred the ps3 in 2007-2008 and some people still prefer the 360 now.

different opinions. different tastes.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32518d ago

Meh, I've went this long without a Sony product...

Megaton2518d ago

2007 was the last year the 360 had better exclusive games than the PS3. 2010 is arguable.

Anarki2518d ago

And you sir, are missing out.

EVILDEAD3602518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

When it comes to moving to the next gen there are alot of intangible factors

720..Xbox Live will be a HUGE factor for the next Xbox.

Carrying over achievements and Xbox Live friends list are going to be essential.

If you were one of the intial 360 install base like me then you remember stil playing the wheels of Halo 2 against your old Xbox buddies. We did this all the way till Halo 3 was launched.

This time around it'll be Halo 4 and whatever Call of Duty that will carry over into next gen. It'll be interesting to see if Crytek and Epic remain key players for Micrsoft moving forward.

Micrsoft is clearly positionibg Windows 8 and Live as a one stop shop for the next gen. From cell phone to PC to the next console all in communication.

If Wii-U still relies on Wii-motes and last gen tech come next year's E3, then they are in for a bumpy ride.

But, it is those key Nintendo franchises that are crucial to Wii-U becoming successful.

Sony will also have a user base that would riot without their Trophies and profile information.

For games just the thought of SEA studios Naughty Dog, Poly D, and Santa Monica moving to next gen has to give gamers goosebumps.

It'll be interesting to see what Micrsft and Sony have in store for this coming E3.


ProjectVulcan2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Nah. Whatever machine comes first, i will buy to be an early adopter. Then the rival machine i will buy when it justifies its presence with different types of games. I enjoy being an early adopter it lets me see the landscape and potential of a new generation. I admit it is more costly, but it is exciting to have this shiny brand new hardware few others have- its a thrill lets face it as a gamer!

Getting the game you waited years for is a thrill for most people, but absolutely the biggest thrill for console gaming for me is getting a brand spanking new generation piece of hardware- unboxing, getting familiar with the feel of the buttons and functions, finding the perfect place to display it.....this only happens every 5 years or so!

When 360 arrived it was the first ever HD console and that was proper exciting, it also meant a leap forward for PC games of that era and within a few months we had Oblivion, GRAW, PGR3 and the absolutely mind blowing Fight night round 3, which really showed the leap. These were some of the most exciting times for me - waiting for Gears of War too.

I bought a PS3 early on and in truth it was kinda underwhelming in its launch and games after having a 360 for a year, and it took a while for PS3 to truly wow me.

In the end despite being a slow starter PS3 seems to have a bit more life in it. So my preference at least has reversed somewhat. I can't say i will have a set 'loyalty' for next gen, i have never had much of a loyalty before.

KingSlayer2518d ago

Meh, I've went this long without paying for the Internet twice...

Projekt7tuning2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Wow what a great Flame fuel article for a fan based forum.
Why not just ask, "What system do think is best and why?" lol.

hay2518d ago

I'm not loyal to companies. But I'm loyal to quality. I'll buy whichever will be SOLID.

badz1492518d ago

if Sony still offer free PSN, then I think I'm in. afterall, that's the sole reason I went for the PS3 and Steam this gen.

BrutallyBlunt2518d ago

Funny how things change throughout the lifespan of a system.

People stood in line to pay upwards of $600 to stay loyal to the Playstation 3 thinking games would be best on the latest hardware and once again getting the bulk of the exclusives. In reality games like Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry and many others became multiplats. Not only that but a lot of multiplat games didn't perform the best on it.

Then we have those who went from the original XBOX and stayed loyal. So for their loyalty they got shoddy hardware. Now it seems the exclusives are getting thinner and moving onto casual territory thanks to Kinect.

Last we have Nintendo who started off oh so strong. With a great gimmick to get everyone off the couch. Slowly (or fast for others) the fad wore off. We wanted to sit down again and eat our Cheeto's. Good games became months apart and multiplats became much more inferior. Cheap hardware multiplied by shovelware with Nintendo once again holding it's exclusives high above.

Morale of the story, why stay loyal to anyone?

blumatt2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

I'll remain loyal to the one that actually invests in first party games and doesn't just rely on third party games. The fact is that there are some good third party games, but for a console to practically rely on those to supply its fans with games is not a good strategy.

I'll stick with Sony and the PS4 for sure, but if the Xbox 720 proves to have a slew of first party titles and is priced right and is actually reliable this time, I might just buy one of those too.
----------------------------- --------------------

And Sony will keep PSN free to play online on the PS4. Even cross game chat and a party system will be free to use. (See Vita) I guarantee it. There will still be PS+ which will give you free games and discounts (as opposed to XBL's $50 fee giving you access to the online portion of your already bought game).

insomnium22518d ago

It's all about games. Sony has teh studios for those and multiplats will be available for everyone. No matter how many former exclusives Sony loses there will be 5 new ones to replace'em. There really is nothing that can beat that.

Yakuza, Disgaea, Valkyria Cronicles, etc. are only on PS so PS it will be for me.

I don't have time for ALL games in the world so I have to choose the one giving me the MOST of the best games. Nothing can be said to argue this but feel free to disagree and debubble me.

Why o why2518d ago

Ill remain loyal for want of a better word for the company that remaind loyal to my gaming tastes and needs. Ill leave it at that.

Dac2u2518d ago

I have no real loyalty to either side, but I do prefer what Sony has to offer, atm. Between multiplats and exclusives for my PC, PS3 & Wii, there's very little I'm left not being able to or wanting to play. I have no interest in Gears or Halo after playing the first in their respective series.

jeseth2518d ago

Sony convinced me to turn away from the Nintendo brand I was brought up on along with Sega.

No company since has convinced me they are better or have given me enough reasons to buy anything else. Sony has the best exclusives, push the enveloped more than anyone else, and do more for their consumer than anyone else.

I will play anything and give credit where credit is due, but ts definitely Playstation for me.

Drake1172518d ago

It all depends on what impresses me most at E3.

JaredH2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

I'm more loyal to Sony since I bought a ps3 first this gen but I'm open minded in buying new technology unlike most people on this site who just hate on things they don't have and never consider buying them.

I used to do that saying how I hated Halo and Gears even after playing both but when I bought a 360 and played them again I realized that I was just hating the games because I couldn't own them before. I was looking for faults in the games and not positive things like I do with games I own.

I still do that to the Wii though since I haven't bought one motion control thing this gen because I see them as gimmicky. I also see Nintendo as just rehashing the same IPs every couple years instead of making new ones. If I bought a Wii I'm sure these ideas would change though.

slayorofgods2517d ago

Sony and MS have some different next gen tactics. MS is quick to end support for their xbox as soon as the next one arrives. Sony eases people into it by continuing support for their previous model. That is why MS gains strong footing to start a new gen.

Here is a quote from pirates of silicon valley that sums up why MS is so successful and despised. "You know how you survive? You make people need you. You survive because you make them need what you have. And then they have no where else to go."

dredgewalker2517d ago

I believe in polygamy when it comes to gaming....though I do have my favorites :)

SonyWarrior2517d ago

I'll buy which ever one has free online and if they both have free online then I'll buy ps4.

AngryTypingGuy2517d ago

I think I'll do the same thing a I did this gen. I'll get the next Xbox when it's a bit newer and wait a little bit to grab a PS4. I will get both however, and don't give a crap about Nintendo. Being the father of a young child though, I'm sure there is a purchase of at least a DS in my future.

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yesmynameissumo2518d ago

My only loyalty depends on playing great games. Sony does that for me. Nintendo does that for my kids. I'll stick to those.

miyamoto2517d ago

If this generation has proven anything its these facts:

Nintendo was in it for the money.
Miyamoto has said it himself the Wii was the last safe bet against Sony and Microsoft. The Wii was not even their own idea & patent. It was a lucky shot too given the recession of 2008 it was the cheapest home console. The overpriced $250 3DS shows us how greedy & arrogant Nintendo really has become. Milking the Mario, Pokemon and Zelda series to no end without pushing new ideas tell on their tale too. Now they plan on stealing the PlayStation market with 3DS & Wii U which I doubt could ever catch on what the DS & Wii did.

M$ is in this for the money.
The lack of new & original games, stealing PlayStation exclusives & ideas proves their their laziness & no care on nurturing the video games industry. Even Kinect technology wasn't their own. If staying in the game because of deeper pockets is their thing then I won't buy it. It's an empty success from a long time gamer's perspective.

Sony is in this for the games industry.
The PlayStation brand took away the "toy" image that kept Nintendo in business for decades and popularized video games as a mainstream form of entertainment for the young and old. They pushed the hardware and software so hard and made video gaming the billion dollar industry it is today.
PS Move proves that Sony makes its OWN hardware from Eye Toy to Blu-Ray disks to its own Cell processors. That is passion for games! They are in the fore front of bringing in new game IPs like ICO, Shadow of Colossus, Demon Souls, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, inFamous, Flower, etc.
The PS Vita proves that Sony will stand toe to toe with whatever threat Apple can throw at the traditional games industry & will not surrender it samrt phones and tablets that easily.
One needs to look at PlayStation history and realize that Sony will stay like the immovable mountain that it is today and in the future.

Ryudo2517d ago

They are all in it for the money why don't you remove that penis from you rear hole...

Drake1172517d ago

wow axel u dont even try to mask your fanboyism a little bit with that one

AngryTypingGuy2516d ago

Wow, looks like someone is a bit naive. Sony is in it for the same reason as Microsoft. They both want their console to be the center of your home entertainment center for games, movies and other digital content, all in the name of...MONEY!!!

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Joule2518d ago

Poor guy. All you need is one console.


_Aarix_2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Wow thanks for the laugh. Its hilarious how some people say missing out on all the awesome games on the 360 are not worth getting a 360 for.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2517d ago

I'm not into fps or racing games (Halo and Forza).
There is a general consensus, even among 360 gamers, that Kinect is stupid.
I've seen game play footage of Gears of War 3, but not Alan Wake.
Would you spend $300 to play 2 games?
I have no justification for buying a 360.

_Aarix_2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

You can get a $200 4 gb slim or a $100 20gb pro at gamestop.

Just because YOU dont like them doesnt mean everyone else doesnt.

If you dont think these games are worth playing
Halo 3, odst, reach
Gears of war 2.3
Lost odyssey
Blue dragon
Last remnant
Splinter cell conviction
Ace combat 6
Shadow Complex
Fable 2,3
Forza series
99 nights (I liked it)

and if you dont have a pc then you have games like mass effect, left 4 dead and alan wake.

I feel sorry for the people in denial that say they dont want to play these games. I wont deny all the games on the ps3.

Thatguy-3102518d ago

If I ever had to choose one I will always pick Sony just because I grew up with that brand and it's home to some of my favorite franchises. That being said, it's not ok to just limit yourself with one console. All three of them offer different things which you benefit of at the end.

nnotdead2518d ago

it's more than ok to own only one console. i doubt many people have both the time and money to spend on every game offered on one console. not to mention 3 plus PC

Thatguy-3102518d ago

Well you don't have to play all three of them at the same time. For example base off my experience I tend to get bored of a game pretty quick and lile this yr when 360 had not much games I used my ps3. Plus having a ps3 and a 360 I don't miss out on Any titles.

Gamer19822518d ago

If new xbox comes with Kinect as standard they will lose a lot of fans as people will worry about the direction MS are going.

nnotdead2518d ago

i would think most people interested would find it to be a plus.

kaveti66162518d ago

The next Kinect might be more powerful and more intuitive than the current version.

I wouldn't mind using voice commands to boot up my console.

But I don't know if I'll buy any of the next gen consoles. Maybe a Wii-U to play Smash Brothers.

gotgame19852516d ago

It depends on what kinect leads to this gen, if they can do something ground breaking then I'm sure people won't mind it. but I still think they need to make kinect optional, and not force it on gamers.

E2M2518d ago

I was only looking at the hardware at the time of when choosing the 360 or ps3. So whichever I see as better overall I will choose.

Vortex3D2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

I also have no loyalty to any one company. It will be Microsoft and Sony. Which console I play more depends on the games. Only company that I have no interest is Nintendo. I have Wii and it gets played 0.1% of the time. Wii U is only current gen which 6 years behind.

Seriously, why be loyal to one game console company? Being loyal means you are missing out the exclusives and unable to choose the best version for non-exclusives.

yabhero2517d ago

LOL you're missing out on some of the best exclusives with Nintendo. Also come up with a better reason for disliking WiiU. We have no solid proof about power, in fact we know almost nothing. A lot of rumors say 3-5 the power of ps3 some say only 1-2. Everyone says it was only 50% but those were unfinished demo kits not final products.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2517d ago

Are you saying that, because I don't own a 360, I can't play Gears of War, or Alan Wake? Halo? Forza? None of them? Oh my life is ruined! WhatEver will I do?
Boohoohoooghoooh give me a break.

Vortex3D2517d ago

Reply to yabhero:
True until Wii U is physically out, the console power is speculated. But you need to remember that this is Nintendo making Wii U. They are never into putting too much power because they want to make profit from day one. The 3-5X the PS3 is highly unlikely. My personal guess is about the same as PS3 and X360. Why, it's the cheapest way to manufacture from old tech. If Wii U turned out to be PS3/X360 power, then there's little point. It's like getting all excited with 6 years old tech again because it's in a new box.

So far, Nintendo has shown zero real demo using Wii U hardware other than concepts. The demos shown at E3 this year were fake. I don't buy into hype and Nintendo needs a lot of hyping with Wii U to gain interests.

I bought Wii years back to play exclusives but I found very few Wii exclusive interest me. I have no interest in kids games. So, the few exclusives I have are all M rated.

Nintendo keeps promising more mature games from PS3/X360 and yet doing next to doing anything about it. The problem is Nintendo wants to seen as family friendly console by not having too many mature games but yet that's what more gamers asking. So, Nintendo just keep talking and doing nothing.

Online multiplayer on Wii is a joke. Yes there are a few games that work but seriously, Nintendo is doing nothing to push the online. They keep saying let the game developers do it. Has that gone anywhere? And Nintendo said they are going to let game developers do the online again on Wii U. Yeah, good luck. I like to see a lot of proofs than hype since it has been several years and not much has happened for online multiplayer.

zeddy2518d ago

going to have to be ps4 for me just for the 1st party games, i'll get the new xbox eventually though.

JsonHenry2518d ago

I'll stick with my PC. I've bought all three current generation consoles. They mostly collect dust.

Darrius Cole2518d ago

The two biggest things that determine where people will go next generation are.

1) PRICE - If the PS3 had cost the same or less than the Wii and 360 then this generation would have looked like last gen. But the 360 has had a cheaper entry point throughout the entire generation. Therefore the sales have been about 50/50 overall even though the PS3 has had better games then the 360 ever since 2008.


This is important because it affects the entry price. This generation Sony decided to push HDTV's, and multi-core processing. Therefore, they put Cell and Blu-Ray in PS3. Therefore, the PS3 cost $600US at launch.

Will Sony decide that they don't want to push anything new and simply go with a bigger PS3 (bigger, faster Cell; bigger, faster blu-ray; and bigger, faster RAM? If they do that, then the PS4 will be the same price as the next Xbox, and it will have guaranteed backwards compatibility, and there will be no new learning curve. That will leave the systems basically equal on hardware but Sony has a better game making apparatus, which means that the tide will swing back in Sony's direction.

If Sony decides to push some new space-age technology then they will released another more expensive machine and will lose more market share again next generation.

Legion2517d ago

"...but Sony has a better game making apparatus" what rock have you been living under??? It's system and it's closed 'members only' mentality with game production makes it the least favorable system to create a game for.

ilovemyps32517d ago

why do you think sony bought cell plants?
i could bet one million(if i had it) next ps4 will be multi cell based.

just make a 3-4 cell with 32 spu, a big graphic chip and 2gb of ram, and a faster blu-ray player, that's all developpers need: they just need to adapt the code for the multi cell, and they are ready to make uncharted games easily.
remember, 6 years after ps3 release, everybody masters it now. studios know how to code for cell, now, so it's not a problem anymore.

EasilyTheBest2518d ago

What a stupid question "Why you'll remain loyal to either Sony or Microsoft next gen"
People saying they be loyal to one company such as Sony are just being stupid. What if Sony does a Nintendo? Like from Gamecube to Wii, just a little bit more powerful and at the same time Microsoft gos way way more powerfull, what happens to your loyalties then?

2v12517d ago

if that happens then i still dont pay for a friends list..

AKS2518d ago

I play my PS3 much more than my 360 because of Sony's collection of incredible developers, especially Naughty Dog. I also am much more receptive to Sony's free online gaming and more open platform, including the ability to use non-Sony upgrades (cheap, high capacity laptop HDD, for example).

I buy most of the multiplatform games on PC/Steam. I really don't care much about the brand names themselves. I bought all of the consoles, but I've found myself mostly playing on my PC and PS3.

princejb1342518d ago

i have no loyalty either
i pick who ever has the best features such as games

colonel1792518d ago

I am loyal to the company that releases the games I like the most. Last gen was Xbox, this gen was Playstation; and I will always like Nintendo as long as they keep reeasing Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc

Intentions2517d ago

I don't care which one I get, cos eventually I'll have both.


tickticktick2517d ago

PS2 owners sure weren't that loyal to Sony since most left to buy 360's and Wii's. If they were loyal then the PS3 would be at 100 million consoles by now.

GC 20+ million
Wii 70+

Xbox 25+
350 60+

PS2 120+
PS3 58+

Sony lost most of their market share. So much for loyal. Maybe on N4G but the rest of world has ditched the Playstation.

slaton242517d ago

ashame xbox isnt american and ps3 and wii arent japanese.....all were made in china....on topic i will wait to many problems with newly released systems wait till bugs are fixed buy ps4,maybe WiiU than later on new xbox

Vortex3D2517d ago

Need to ask the real question. Out of the total consoles sold, how many active console being played.

For myself, I play 0.1% of my Wii while I played my PS3 and X360 about equally. So, technically my Wii doesn't even count as one in the market.

awi59512517d ago

No i dont trust either company they have gotten more and more restrictive. And dlc prices and digital games prices keep rising. I also wont support the death of mods and player created map packs that are superior on PC than over priced crap or maps that we are forced to buy again and again with just a few changes. PC gaming has to stay alive or free multiplayer and mods will die forever and once that market is dead watch prices go through the roof.

Also look at the Christmas sales on steam, Skyrim 40 dollars,Batman Arkham city 24 dollars, Saintsrow 3 19 dollars,killing floor 5 dollars,bastion 5 dollars, and alot more so why pay 60 dollars for games. There are few console exclusives left i bought gears 3 and uncharted 3 and beat them both then sold my consoles for PC upgrades. This gen is officially over for me the new consoles start commming out next year so i think the consoles have jumped the shark now and im a full pc gamer now.

morkendo232517d ago

Im loyal to the console who gives the GREATEST experience in my choosing of gaming.

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bunt-custardly2518d ago

Loyal smoyal - I'll go where the best games and experiences are, and as with this gen, that proves to be multi-console focused. I can't do without my Uncharted's or my Gears of War's, and with the likes of The Last of Us and The Last Guardian on the horizon on PS3 these are gaming occassions I dare not miss.

As for Xbox, MS started strong on the exclusive front, and they'll no doubt need to do the same again with new IPs and sequels to established 'exclusives' going into next-gen, and not be so focused specifically on Kinect.

PirateThom2518d ago

Backwards compatibility for software isn't really as important as people make out, I don't buy a new console to play old games, if I have the games, I'll likely have the console... now, on the flip side, hardware cross compatibility is more important. I want to be able to use my current controllers with the new console, especially since I can't imagine Sony and Microsoft will change too much on the controllers next gen.

RaidensRising2518d ago

This might be true to a certain degree Thom, but when faced with a large initial investment of new hardware, and are left with one or two games. Having backwards compatibility can validate the early purchase a bit more.

I agree, over time it becomes way less important.

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B1663r2518d ago

Its not that important right now... Here 5-6 year on in a generation... But that first year, when there are only like 10 games for the console, it is huge...

miyamoto2517d ago

Sony's HD Collection initiative is a million times better than any backwards compatibility crap anti-Playstation whiners whine about as you can get these old games remastered in full HD glory that does not hurt the eyes on big flat panels.

Shadow of Colossus
God of War 1,2, Chain of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta
MGS 2.3. Peace Walker
Resident Evil 4, Code Veronica
Silent Hill 2, 3
Monster Hunter 3rd Portable HD
Devil May Cry 1,2,3
Sly Cooper 1,2,3
Jak & Daxter
Resident Evil Umbrella & Darkside Chronicles

2517d ago
baodeus2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )


u mean the games that they added the name "HD" at the end?

Sony or other 3rd party developers should only consider HD when they truly remaster their games like 434 did with Halo CE (that is the only true HD remake i have seen).

Even with that, i still prefer playing off the disc i already own instead of ditching more money again for game i already played. I only care if the game is good and graphic is irrelevant.

And why would u be loyal to console corporate if u call yourself a gamer.

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ShadesMoolah2518d ago

For me its the launch games which affect my decision. If ps4 had Metal gear solid 5 at launch then im sold. However if it's a year or more away, I can wait.

pr0digyZA2518d ago

True, thats one of the reasons why im getting vita on launch day. It has uncharted and if that wasn't out at the same time then I would probably wait instead.