G4's X-Play Review - Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (4/5)

Ace Combat debuts on a non-Sony system! Surprisingly an Xbox 360 exclusive, Namco Bandai's latest in the venerable jet combat fighter is an impressive move to the next generation. Mixing equal parts thrilling aerial combat and great looking melodramatic cinematic sequences, Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation should entice fans and newcomers.


* Gorgeous and great sounding
* Truly intense, huge battles
* Great online play


* Starts out a bit slow
* Sometimes too melodramatic
* Landscapes look blurry up close

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xplosneer3938d ago

Stop procrastinating you freaks. REVIEW UNCHARTED.

rofldings3938d ago

They'll probably never review uncharted, G4 is totally 360 fanboy.

snoop_dizzle3938d ago

come to think of it, i think they said they will review the game soon. Xplay sometimes takes their time with showing reviews on their shows. In fact it could be becasue they are going to have an entire show dedicated to it. They did that with R&C

Amp3938d ago

Same show as this, G4 gave uncharted 4/5 too

razer3938d ago

Looks at the commentors...

Already see article being accused of being 360 fanboys and the mention of Uncharted...

Knows exactly where these comments are going...

Runs the other way...

snoop_dizzle3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

you are right razer, sadly this is probably going to go way off topic.

Anyways i am considering getting this game, but it sounds so painfully corny, I'm not sure. Then again it could just be really funny.

gogators3937d ago

it isn't corny. Just a little boring. Your jet responds nicely. It's just that you can use the same 4 missle lock-on weapons system to take everything out, while your wingman does little to nothing during each of your missions.

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