Devil May Cry 4: Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi Interview

Capcom seems determined to expand the reach of Devil May Cry 4 beyond the PlayStation and PC worlds, which is where the first three games were released. The current plan is for DMC4 to ship in February 2008 on Xbox 360 and PS3 simultaneously, followed by a PC version later. From what we've seen, it'll be a big debut when it hits the consoles, featuring spacious levels, sassy dialogue, rich combat, powerful weapons, gigantic creatures-and tons of fast-paced action.

TeamXbox recently had a chance to see the work-in-progress, which was running smoothly on the Xbox 360. We also took a few minutes afterward to sit down with Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the game's producer at Capcom, who gave us answers to some of our Devil May Cry and DNC4 questions. What follows is an edited transcript of the meeting, which was facilitated by Gearoid Reidy from Capcom's Osaka office, who served up the translations back and forth.

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Skerj3938d ago

Hah the devil bringer SO could have been done last gen. I'm excited to know that Dante has new moves, I hope we can unlock him to play during the full game instead of his allotted chapters.

DemiseofPandas3938d ago

They had announced that Dante and Nero will only be playable in their levels. No unlockables of the sort would be made to change that.

Skerj3938d ago

That makes me a saaaaaaaaad panda. Mostly because they said the Nero/Dante ratio would be 70:30. That's freaking lame, I don't want to be stuck with Nero the majority of the time during replays. I was hoping that I would get in some quality time with Dante being able to style switch now and with his new weapons. Ahh well I'm still getting it.

turbogeek3938d ago

On it's way. The reason DMC4 was delayed was because they were having trouble with the 360 version of the game but it's great knowing that even biased sources like 1up admit that the PS3 version is the best. You stupid 360 owners should just stick to your shooting games and Ninja Gayden. DMC is a PlayStation franchise so just stay away from it.

v1c1ous3938d ago

how much will the 360 version outsell the ps3 version.



Vojkan3938d ago

"Running smoothly on 360"- LOL yeah wright.

Zhuk3938d ago

lucky I speak a little Japanese, Zhuk's Translation:

"We wanted to work on the Xbox 360 because it is the most powerful gaming console ever created and gives us developers the power and tools we need to create the best gaming experiences. It would have been impossible to make any money on the PS3 because of its awful software and hardware sales so we wanted to make this for the Xbox 360 because of its install base and its high attach rate. Combine this with its award winning controller, achievements and revolutionary online features we could not resist developing for the Xbox 360 after we realized what garbage the PS3 is"

Douchebaggery3938d ago

At first he was kinda funny but now is act is getting pretty old and he's running out of material.

gunnerforlife3938d ago

hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha hahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha zhuk u really make me laugh u know that:P ur just a typical fanboi lol i kinda enjoy ur hummer lol ur a stupid guy but a funny at that lol.

kishan4203938d ago

that was actually a cool fanboy comments