Xbox 720: Why it's already here

CVG: The Xbox could have been given a fully-customisable dashboard long ago if Microsoft wanted it, but both the NXE and Metro dashboards thrust paid advertising and promotions in your face and that's only set to continue on 720.

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Hanif-8762549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

I don't see anything coming close to The last Of Us or Uncharted 3 looking graphics on any upcoming Xbox360 titles though

HungPHATx2549d ago

For sure ! No HDD and limited DVD 9 storage Hold them back

ApplEaglElephant2548d ago

Pretty much GOTY graphics awards or just reviews, or graphical comparisons all unanimously agree that UC3 dominates anything on 360 graphically.

there is no room for debate here...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32549d ago

UC3s online looks like GTA4 set in the desert in which case Gears 3 looks way better IMO. Haven't seen any gameplay of Last of Us a link if you have one.

DebateMaster2549d ago

Gears 3 looking better than Uncharted 3? Trying too hard. Gears 3 looks great but not better than uncharted 3.

Hanif-8762549d ago

Look at the darn trailer, its in-engine just like Uncharted 3's cut scenes. Hence, the in-game graphics and cutscenes won't look any different unless you do a in-dept comparison where probably the lighting would look better etc.

raymantalk12548d ago

what has anything you just said to do with this topic ?

slavish2548d ago

Gears look really good. I couldnt believe xbox could do that. I think they are on the same level graphically. Art style is the main diff

theonlylolking2548d ago

Gears 3 also has lots of screen tearing and frame rate drops. In the last level(the one with the rain) there is non stop screen tearing and frame rate drops. The game still does not look better than Uncharted 3.

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FrigidDARKNESS2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Those are great looking games but add nothing new to game play at all. u3 still plays like the previous versions and is basically a rip off of Tomb Raider. Expect the same game play in The Last Of Us.

I expect the next xbox to rival pc games if the unto will support dx 11 or the upcoming dx 12. Developers will have more memory to work with to creat huge levels and add new gameplay with superior AI.

Hicken2549d ago

That's just ignorance. UC3 kept the core mechanics, though they've been refined, and- at least in multiplayer- the ability to sprint and toss back thrown grenades is completely new and changes the experience considerably. And it plays NOTHING like Tomb Raider. There are conceptual similarities, and that's it.

And how the hell should you "expect the same game play in The Last of Us?" Sorry, but I doubt UC's gameplay will transfer over to a survival game well.

You expect a lot out of the Nextbox, most of which you probably won't get.

J86blum2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

O.o the next xbox may rival current pc games but by the time it comes out, PC will be ahead thats just how the name of the game goes.

Saying Uncharted is a rip of tomb Raider is like saying Gears is a rip off RE4 which is a rip off of Windback, and so fworth and so on.
people comparing games is stupid simple said, diffrent strokes for diffrent fokes.

I never played Tomb Raider, but after Uncharted I went back to play those titles(Angel of Darknes..laughs.) but its all about exspanding your interest, and library. Please grow up, the less fanboys the better.

Naughty Dog split into two teams, one for UC, the other for The Last of Us, saying its going to be the same game play is close and simple minded..I will retract my paragraph if you can show me some gameplay, Epic did Gears, and helped alot on Bulletstorm and polished it as well, outside of character models those are two complete diffrent games. (and yes I know people can fly did Bulletstorm with ALOT of help from Epic Games, just putting that in there.)

Intentions2549d ago

Tomb Raider? It looks pretty close. Imo. For a multiplat game...

slavish2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I bet you don't own a 360 so how would you know?

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killasder2549d ago

lol cvg u crack me up...

Tzuno2549d ago

Well if you don't know what to make with your money give it to Microsoft if you are so eager.

zero_cool2544d ago

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