Skyrim DLC to draw you back

Product Reviews: While it’s hard for some gamers to believe, we’ve heard from a few Skyrim owners that have stopped playing, and each has their own reasons for doing this. For some it’s the apparent framerate issues that some PS3 players are plagued with after the latest patch (these people want a fix and DLC is the last thing on their mind), and for others it’s boredom after spending hundreds of hours playing Skyrim.

So what downloadable content can draw some gamers back to Skyrim?

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jthamind2516d ago

they'd need to add an entire new area for me to come back, like they did with the Shivering Isles. i don't want more quests, gear or weapons. give me a new world to explore.

Neko_Mega2516d ago

First a update to fix the problems the make and will not react bad to the new DLC. Then a DLC that could maybe take us somewhere like Morrowind or Hammerfall.

Jazz41082516d ago

I'm afraid the only thing that can fix the ps3 issues is more ram so I don't expect it to get much better.

ShabbaRanks2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

lol u got to be kidding... More ram ? Guess u never played Uncharted3 or GodOfWar3 before... Hell Killzone 3 or even 2... Its called bad development or lazy devs, either one tho its unacceptable... Yes the Ps3 is harder to work with, but its not 2007 any more... By the way if u disable auto save and have alot of hard drive space on ur ps3 lag wont happen. But Bugthesda should of fixed this before the game hit stores. And to all my PC gaming friends, I have a very good PC in my house and even Skyrim on PC isnt perfect. Its simply a X360 port, don't ask yourself why its modders that are currently fixing the PC version ...

dark-hollow2516d ago

even i too doubt that it is ram issues but skyrim is way different than the games youve mentioned.
it is very big and needs a lot of resources.

sometimes games that arent exactly the eye candy can be the most taxing on the gpu/cpu.

my pc can play mass effect 2 on max but it can even run decently on just cause 2 even though mass effect2 is way better looking.

DragonKnight2516d ago

I want more weapon types than the 4 they've given us in the game. Swords (one handed and two handed and daggers included in the type), Axes (same as swords), Hammers (including maces) and bows. The variety is pathetic.

Rowland2516d ago

you are forgetting all the spells, scrolls potions & staffs - they are weapons too you know !

suspect you'd be better off playing Call of Duty/Battlefield or some other FPS where it's guns, guns and more guns..

DragonKnight2516d ago

Spells are not weapons, they're spells. Sure, spell variety is a little better, but they mean nothing to play styles that don't use them. Such as a warrior build. Scrolls and Potions are not weapons. For one, I've never used a scroll at all, waste of time. And potions, please. That you can consider those weapons makes ask you to look up the word weapon. Staffs aren't weapons either since their use is purely magical and they become useless once their charge runs out.

And you'd do well not to assume what kind of games people play. I can't stand shooters and avoid them like the plague. Just because I'm not one of the blind people who think Skyrim is the pinnacle of game design, doesn't mean I play CoD. Play Dark Souls and tell me that Skyrim has true weapon variety.

Rowland2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

If you never use spells/scrolls/potions/enchant ing then why an earth are you playing an RPG ? !

I play warrior builds all the time but use spells/scroll/potions/enchanti ng to add huge variety & customisation to the basic weapon types. Its what RPG's are all about. I doubt that you have even scratched the surface of what you can do in Skyrim otherwise you wouldn't have posted such a naive comment.

And Skyrim IS the pinnacle of game design as were previous Elder Scrolls in the genre - let me guess ... you believe all the 10/10's, critical acclaim & Game of Year Awards are handed out by morons & blind people and YOU know better of course.

DragonKnight2515d ago

Wow, sounds to me like you gave birth to Skyrim or something. Listen, did I say I don't use enchanting or Alchemy? Nope. I said I don't use scrolls. Scrolls are pointless and a waste of of time. For my thief build, Alchemy and Illusion spells are a life saver. I'm talking about WEAPONS! You know, those tools you attack most with? There are essentially 4 movesets and 4 different WEAPON types.

Again, play Dark Souls and you'll see how poor Skyrim's combat mechanics really are. Also, Skyrim is a great game, but certainly NOT the pinnacle of game design. A)It's not the best looking game ever made, so it's not the pinnacle of graphics design. B)It has limited combat mechanics and other RPG's do it better, so it's not the Pinnacle of Combat design. C)The amount of bugs present in the game make it not the Pinnacle of Quality Control especially when you factor in that it has the same problems as other well known Bethesda games.

So tell me, with all of these problems, with the fact that other games do things like graphics or combat mechanics better than Skyrim, how then can it be the pinnacle of design and deserving a Perfect score? If a game is not perfect, then it doesn't deserve a perfect score right?

You need to open your eyes and understand that it's ok to talk about a game's problems and still consider it a fantastic game.

MSpence5162516d ago

What if I never left. No need to draw me back, I'm here.

dinkeldinkse2516d ago

And I will come back.

Having to save every three to four enemies or every couple of minutes because my game keeps freezing gets really fucking old.

I get about 30 minutes of playing time every two hours that I TRY to play Skyrim.

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