Kerbal Space Program Review (TruePCGaming)

Armaan Khan from TPG writes:

"Is it still cool to dream about being an astronaut? Space seems so passé these days but, man, when I was a kid it was the tops. I would watch the shuttle launches on TV and dream about one day going up into the black myself. I never did quite get there, but it’s okay now because indie developer Squad has produced Kerbal Space Program to fill that void in my dreams. KSP puts you in charge of the space program for the planet Kerbel and while it’s far from complete (the current version is 0.13), it already provides hours of fun with the promise of more as updates are released."

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Snookies122541d ago

It is quite fun to mess around on there... I've had Kerbal for a while now and I've sent many a astronaut to their doom.