Gerard Butler as Nathan Drake in “Uncharted” Movie Adaption

Gaming Squid: As we all know,the critically acclaimed “Uncharted” video game is going to be adapted into a movie by Sony. The news had been announced some time ago alongside the director and producers but one thing that wasn’t announced was the cast. The protagonist of the movie,Nathan Drake. The much loved character’s movie counterpart was not announced. One thing that hit my mind right after playing “Uncharted” for the first time was that Nathan Drake resembles alot to the Hollywood actor Gerard Butler. I know many of you might be thinking that they don’t look alike at all,well thats what I am going to prove to you all.

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jc485732544d ago


velocitygamer2543d ago

MADNESS? THIS IS SPART--OH WAIT...we're doing an Uncharted movie? Well shit...

NewMonday2543d ago

Butler looks like the guy from Last of Us

aCasualGamer2543d ago

Never realized how much he looked like Nathan Drake. Very good comparison on that website.

I think he is a great actor for high demand physical acting of this movie. Just hope Sony hires some great nutritionists to help him get back in shape. His physique during 300 shooting was perfected beyond reason.

This man will do a great Nathan Drake, since the chemistry between him and the actresses that work with him is amazing (Bountyhunter, Tomb Raider, GAME etc.)

Hope Sony takes this project seriously and with enough logic as -Superman- stated below that they hurry this up and don't take forever to make this movie.

Bull5hifT2543d ago

His voice doesn't sound much like the game , how old is that nathan fillon guy? Maybe they can do that , TO Micheal! Commercial and just get the voice actor to do it, to bad that voice actor really wanted to play Nathan, same as Ssnakes voice actor wanted to also

aCasualGamer2542d ago

Bullsh5ft @

There are many more factors to worry about than a matching voice.

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-Superman-2543d ago

He is 42 year old.
When Uncharted comes out 2013, then he is 44
Uncharted 2 about 2016 47
Uncharted 3 about 2019 50

I think he is too old, he is great actor but old
I think we should search someone who who is like 25-35

hay2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

They didn't cut John Rhys Davies' legs to make him shorter for Gimli role. Brad Pit didn't get younger through Benjamin Button movie.
Relax. CGI and make it look realistic enough for you not to notice it.

With O'Russel out of the picture and Butler on board, Uncharted movie may not only make fans happy, but pack some serious punch and change VG adaptations' quality forever.

@disagree: Is O'Russel registered here or what? :D

Biggest2543d ago

I wonder if CGI can change his accent. I like the dude in a movie or two, but he isn't even close to having an American accent. Fans of the game may not feel comfortable with him if he can't make a Hugh Laurie type accent change.

plstcsldgr2543d ago

@biggest he has done roles with an american accent and has a very good one. the horrible truth is one of them.

stevenhiggster2543d ago

I agree with Biggest, as a Scotsman myself I do love a bit of Butler, but his American accent sucks.

MoreRPG2543d ago

we dont even know if there will be sequels

THESONYPS32543d ago

We should just use Nolan North because he is epic

mynameisEvil2543d ago

Well, I'd have to agree and disagree with that statement.

I'd agree because it should be common knowledge that a decent bit of Drake's face is modeled after Nolan. Hell, Drake apparently even runs and walks like Nolan. There's also, of course, the fact that Nolan North plays Nathan Drake.

I'd disagree, or rather not disagree, but rather state how it's not likely by saying that Nolan's not the youngest guy either, at age 41. He's also an UBER-busy voice actor...

If he was ever cast as Nathan and if the whole movie was made loyal to the games... I'd shit myself thrice in ecstasy.

hesido2543d ago

CGI is "Computer-generated imagery", it doesn't have anything to do with audio.

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-Superman-2543d ago

nathan drake should be Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield perfect hair, thick hair and haircut very close to Nathan Drake

Adexus2543d ago

Sounds to me like you fancy a bit of Andrew Garfield ;)

I don't think Garfield is suited to the part at all though, wouldn't seem right with Drake's personality, Butler I'd be okay with, but Fillion FTW!

Dee_912543d ago

haha maybe if he bulked on a little muscle.

Id prefer it was justin beiber and elena played by oprah winfrey and sully played by bill murray.
and call it uncharted beibers revenge of the ghost busting color purple goop...
I would watch that.

hay2543d ago

Murray as Victor Sullivan? Now I regret even more than golden age of parodies is gone and now we have Scary, Disaster, and-other-shitty-Movie parodies era.

Thatguy-3102543d ago

I thought it was official already. This is Just an opinon. In that case I'm rooting for Nathan Fillon still but since he isn't mainstream it's kind of tough to see him getting chosen. If that's the case then I'm rooting for Bradley Cooper. Gerard is a good actor but IMO he is already to old.

ATi_Elite2543d ago

OK choice.

If he plays all 3 Uncharted games and uses them as a tool to learn his role then he should do well. My only problem with GB is that i don't think he is "witty" enough like Drake so GB is gonna have to get some training on that.

Also people need to just STOP with all the "He doesn't look like Drake" crap! If you guys want a good Uncharted movie your gonna need good actors, good director, and a great screenplay.

someone like Gerard Butler signing on may mean that the production budget is at the level to produce a quality movie

erathaol2543d ago

James Roday is my pick for Nathan Drake

Hollywood needs to stop trying to pick people from their tiny box of action movie actors.

mynameisEvil2543d ago

If James was willing enough to bulk up a bit, I could easily see him being Drake. He's witty as an actual person, not just as a character, and he looks a little bit similar to Nate.

Again, he'd definitely have to get some muscle, though. He's not of a very athletic build.

Deadpool6162543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I think James Roday would work really well. He could make an interesting action star much like Bruce Willis did when he first started action films.

Every theatrical movie he has played a part in wasn't very good....but it wasn't because of him. He just needs a good role that fits him and being Nathan Drake would suit him better than the others they've choosen so far.

He doesn't need too many muscles. Nathan Drake isn't your average joe, but he not a Rambo/Schwarzenegger either. He just has enough physical ability to survive and that's it.

user8586212543d ago

LMFAO! this is worse then their first choice

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belal2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

what how in the hell can Gerard butler be drake...

Pozzle2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I could kinda see it. He's a pretty diverse actor. Just look at the difference between his roles as Leonidas from 300, Dracula from Dracula 2000, and the Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera. It's hard to believe they're all the same actor.

Hellsvacancy2543d ago

I really like Gerard Butler, hes a good actor, but hes Scotish, Nathan Drake isnt, you cant hide his accent

optimuselite2543d ago

Well Tom Hanks is an American and he faked an accent in The Terminal Masterfully. Gerard Butler is also a good actor and he can adapt any accent. IMO

jony_dols2543d ago

You obviously never heard of his notorious Oirish accent in P.S I Love You!

Bimkoblerutso2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Tom Hanks was speaking a made up language in The Terminal. He could have sounded like whatever he wanted and it technically would have been accurate.

Gerard has a terrible American accent. Go look up a trailer for *cringe* the Bounty Hunter. He kind of sounds Norwegian or when he tries to sound American.

kcuthbertson2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Ya..because people can't hide accents? Have you ever heard of the very popular TV series "House"?

Hugh Laurie is as English as they come, but you'd never guess it from watching House. Good actors can usually nail quite a few accents.



You seriously think that Gerard Butler was trying to sound like an American in the Bounty Hunter? He wasn't hiding his accent at all...

Bimkoblerutso2543d ago

^ He WAS doing an American accent. He plays a former police officer from New York. It certainly wasn't his normal Scottish accent.

And we're not talking about Hugh Laurie, who admittedly has a notoriously accurate American accent. We're talking about Gerard Butler, who does not have a notoriously accurate American accent.

stevenhiggster2543d ago

I'm a big fan of Gerard B, but he sounds Scottish no matter what accent he is supposed to be attempting.

A bit like Sean Connery lol, to be fair to old Sir Connery though, he quite openly made no attempt to use anything but his own accent. You can't beat a good Scottish Russian submarine captain, or a Scottish Spaniard! lol. (The Hunt For Red October and Highlander for those who aren't film buffs.)

BABY-JEDI2542d ago

At least he doesn't sound like grounds keeper Willie
He is a good choice of actor IMO

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Pozzle2544d ago

Well I suppose it's an improvement over Mark Wahlberg.

fluffydelusions2543d ago

True, but I still say Nathon Fillion ftw.

slutface2543d ago

but if nathan fillion is gonna do it he needs to slim down...he has gained weight imo

hay2543d ago

Yes. But take a look at this:
Despite uncanny similarity Nathan Fillion is mainly TV series guy. As I'd prefer to see him play the role, there's at least one more thing to consider.

Butler is a star. He's capable of pulling action, drama, romance, comedy, damn, even musical. He can be tough, charming and funny. He's that good. And those features we seek in Drake.

Also Butler's name spells blockbuster production. A wind of change for game adaptations?

Shepherd 2142543d ago

marky mark didnt do many favors for Max Payne, and hes as big as anyone else.

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DonaldBeck2544d ago

great choice. i know this is kind of off topic, but i just thought about something....wouldent micky rourke make a good needles kane for a twisted metal movie?

dgonza402543d ago

dang, that was way off topic lol