Tech Professionals Rank Top Tech Toys For The Holidays

Via Information Week:

"Tech professionals want HDTV this holiday season, according to a poll by an industry group.

"The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) announced Wednesday that more respondents in an informal poll chose the HDTV as their "most-wanted" high-tech toy this year. More than 15% of 1,012 respondents said they want HDTV.

"Sony's PlayStation 3, which ranked first last year, came in second among the most desired gifts this year, with 13.7% of respondents choosing the item. More than a third of respondents put game consoles on their list. Nearly 11% chose Nintendo's Wii, putting it third on the overall list, while 10.2% said they would likeMicrosoft's Xbox 360, which ranked fourth."

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eagle213940d ago

I want a new Bravia this Christmas too. I already have the number two

wiizy3940d ago

the sales numbers says it all about what the consumers want and wii and ds leads that pack by a wide margin..

Baba19063940d ago

you cant compare wanting and buying. in the wanting list everyone has the chance to give a vote even if that person has no money to buy an expensiv tech toy. so it is no logical to say that you know what people want just by seeing numbers.

Maddens Raiders3940d ago

Everyone I know is asking about or purchasing a PS3. It's like "the thing" to have if you're part of the "in" crowd.

TheExodus3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

I'm not buying a "tech professional" wish list that doesn't have a pair of i-SOBOTs ( ) on it to play that game of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots you imagined as a kid.

I can understand the Wii being on the list due to how difficult it is to catch one on the shelf at Best Buy, but any self-respecting "tech professional" who wanted anything else on that list would already have had it months, if not a good year or two, ago (HDTV & Xbox 360). PCs at No. 5, who did they survey the frier techs at McDonalds?

jorellpogi3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

I have several colleagues from the IT industry that are Apple fanatics who recently joined the PS3 bandwagon. They are awed by the PS3's hardware and price point.