1UP's Patrick Klepek: Why Can't I Pay Exact Change on XBL?

1Up's Patrick Klepek on outrageous XBL fees:

With new Rock Band downloadable content being delivered every week, I've been purchasing more from the Xbox Live Marketplace than ever before. Unfortunately, this forces me to deal with one of XBL's more annoying quirks: the inability to pay exact amounts for content. Microsoft forces users to purchase arbitrary Microsoft Point bundles, inconvenient (and expensive) when purchasing content on a regular basis.

While on the phone with Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg about the recent dashboard update, I decided to ask why this simple annoyance hasn't been cleared up yet.

"The reason why we do that, the core reason, is around credit card transaction fees," said Greenberg. "If we do this in bulk, we don't have to burden the consumer with the transaction fees, or ourselves or publishers. It's about keeping infrastructure costs down and I know sometimes it's frustrating because you end up with odd points, but we don't have any plans to change that."

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HarryEtTubMan3902d ago


xplosneer3902d ago

Sony does this too you know? With PSN Terms of Service 2.0 you now have to pay a minimum of $5 to get anything. Exact change can be used over that.

MikeGdaGod3902d ago

yeah but $5 at a time is nothing.

eLiNeS3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

He says he's purchasing content on a "regular basis", so what is the big deal if he purchases a large amount or a small amount of points at one time? He's going to end up getting more eventually. I have $400 worth of M$ points right now that I got for half off from a CC deal (price mistake) a few months back.

Lot's of places have there own logo'ed card that you fill up and use each day or week and fill it back up when it's empty, like at Starbucks. This is nothing new and if you only want 500 M$ points then you can get it right on the console or from there website for $6.25.

whoelse3902d ago

Microsoft really want to empty your wallets. Im happy with my PSN :)

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gamesR4fun3902d ago

its all about getting more of your cash
cause my credit card works perfect on psn

Blademask3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Yes Amex charges a certain % to charge your card at the point of sale(when you have a merchant account), but this has nothing to do with the # Charged.

It makes sense, My customers would spend more money with me if I didn't allow them to use exact change for sales.

Its odd that Amazon can run a card for an exact amount, but MS cant.

Danja3902d ago

M$ is all about getting the most of the xbots..$$$$.

My credit card works fine on the PSN also...and it's also free..just pay for DL games...


razer3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Danja: Did you really just say PSN >> XBL? You definately don't own a 360.

I agree this is just to get more money.. But I have a solution.. Don't buy anything if you don't like it. The last time I checked buying junk off the Marketplace is not a requirement to own a 360 or to play games on it.

If there is something you really want then you can go thru the hoops. Instead I know it is much easier to whine and hate but..guess what? The world isn't fare!

@2.4 - 2.5 : PSNID: PerfectGun also read my comment below. So surprise! someone who owns the system that can see thru all the bullsh!t that is spread on this site.. Yes, the PS3 is a great system and offers something different then the 360, but for me the 360 is a better system for gaming.

@2.6 - Thanks for pointing that out. They call me a troll and then are so busy bashing the 360 they forget what section they are in.

Danja3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Nope don't own a 360 nor do I want one.....besides most of the good 360 exclsuives I can play them on my why buy a 360..?

the 360 doesn't interest me..PS3 has all the games I want to play

the question is do you own a PS3 cuz you claim you do but I see you in every PS3 post talking sh!t bout the console..?

romemac73902d ago

@danja> razer own a ps3 lmao right!!! that carp lol you and i know it. his nothing more than a 360bot troll toolbeg.

toughNAME3902d ago

scroll up...which section are you in RIGHT NOW


Danja3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

why did you bother writing a post there'a reason why I mentioned the "PS3 SECTION" in my post to razer...

let me repeat since you xbots lack the skill to understand what you read

razer goes into every PS3 post and talks sh!t about the PS3 a console he claims to own...I hope you understand that..

and you of all ppl shouldn't be telling anyone about which section there in....I see you in 98% of everything related to PS3..

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toughNAME3902d ago

Even with the constant flow of triple A titles from Microsoft...

they are the biggest of big business...they pretty much define it

If better gaming means more money...I'll take it

You get what you pay for.

pacman6153902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

exactly how many AAA games has the xbox had in 2 years ? by the time the ps3 reaches the 2 year mark, it will have more AAA games than your precious xbox

edit: lmao At 6-0 , you say only what 6 games in 2 years is really pathetic, and sony this year alone has how many you say ? well lets count them shall we? resistance, folklore, uncharted, motorstorm, warhawk, heavenly sword, lair, yes lair is awesome, ninja gaiden sigma, ratchet and clank ftod, so lets see thats 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ps3 titles alone this year that justify my ps3 purchase and many others, so for your 6 titles in 2 years is pretty lame to our 9 titles in 1 year , less than a year in other parts of world, so the ps3 gets the last laugh chumps

toughNAME3902d ago

6 - 0

PS3 hasn't gotten any this year...maybe next year...who knows?

razer3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Put up or shut-up!

tough -
Don't even entertain this jackass with giving him the stats.. He is just here to hate because he has nothing to do on this PS3. The very sheer amount of commments from the PS3tards on this site is a great indication how entertaining their console of choice is and why nobody buys games..

@3.5 - Look at this article?? Is this article in the PS3 section?? You want to know why I don't lose my bubbles. I don't troll into PS3 articles and start spreading FUD. I am merely defending the 360 because most of this bashing is just hating from people who don't own the system. It's so bad here that even PS3 articles have somebody making stupid comments about the 360. No 360 user in this thread bashed the PS3 until it was over-run once again by the Sony Defense Force. What is your Gamertag?? I'd like to know since you are in here commenting this must effect you in some way. Or just disagree like the other phantom puss's and move on..

Blademask3902d ago

We have:

Mass Effect
Forza 2.

... I wouldn't necessarily say there is a "Steady flow"

The PS3 finally got its AAA of the year with Uncharted. which is a 90% on Gamerankings 89.9%, Now if you really want to argue that its not AAA, argue it with Gamerankings, since they round ALL of their scores up. Even for the 90% 360 titles. They have a few more 9 reviews that they haven't added yet are counted on their system. Considering the PS3 doesn't have 10 "" Style fansites that dishout 10's left and right, it always scores lower. Hell even with COD4. there are clearly MORE sites grading the 360, than there are the ps3. But yes, you can ignore that as well.

The rules for Metacritic, as well as Gamerankings = Sites that have over 200-300 Reviews. There aren't 200-300 PS3 titles. SOme sites get away with just having old reviews for the Xbox sites on there as well, but others do have 200 360 games reviewed.

For once, can you just not be a fanboy? You guys make up rules then re-define them the second a PS3 titles makes AAA.

I am happy for Gamers when a game does well, when a dev team spends time to get a product right with no flaws, and out the door on time.

I hope that this site starts to crack down on fanboys such as yourself. You are useless to all game communities.

rofldings3902d ago

How razer still has 5 bubbles is beyond me.

If you looked up hypocrisy in the dictionary, you'd find a picture of him. It's always "Sony tards bashing our system," yet at the same time you're doing the exact thing you say we're doing.

Seriously razer, just wow.

romemac73902d ago

bubble for you rofldings lmao cuz you right. and you to danja. bubble for the both of you. oooo and razer a TOOLBEG troll 360bot.

zag3902d ago

um, matye you mean the banks define it MS is big on the PC Sony owns the console market basicly, after all they did make 31 billion just from consoles last year, even with a lost of 200million with the lanuch of the PS3.

MS doesn't telkl what the banks to do it's the other way around.

WilliamRLBaker3902d ago

since ps3 fanboys can include multiplats i'll do so as well.
1. The Orange Box X360 EA Games 47 9.1 96.2%
2. BioShock X360 2K Games 85 9.1 95.3%
3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare X360 Activision 56 9.1 94.5%
4. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion X360 2K Games 101 9.2 94.1%
5. Rock Band X360 MTV Games 30 10.0 94.0%
6. Gears of War X360 Microsoft Game Studios 107 8.7 93.8%
7. Halo 3 X360 Microsoft Game Studios 83 8.5 93.2%
8. Mass Effect X360 Microsoft Game Studios 48 9.1 92.3%
9. Guitar Hero II X360 RedOctane 56 8.1 92.0%
10. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter X360 Ubisoft 87 8.7 90.7%
11. Call of Duty 2 X360 Activision 87 8.8 90.1%
12. Virtua Fighter 5 Online X360 Sega 26 8.4 90.1%
13. MX vs. ATV Untamed X360 THQ 1 -- 90.0%
14. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night X360 Konami 22 8.3 90.0%

all from as you can see 360 has a steady AAA status with exclusive and none exclusive content.

The Wood3902d ago

is a great game. buy it now

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Rhezin3902d ago

I'd still take xbox live over the PussiesNetwork (PSN)

TeaDouble_E3902d ago

Your just a prostitute and Microshaft is your pimp.

razer3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

In full force once again..

Hey Tea how does MS take your money unless you give it to them?? Buying crap off the Marketplace isn't required to play games and use the system.

Tea: Pay for demos?? What service are you on?? If you are silver you get demos for free but you have to wait a week. Even then, MS hasn't done this with all the content. They've been doing it for the last year and nobody noticed until this recent Dashupdate so people blew it out of proportion. You get all the services of Live for free except for Multi-player for FREE. If anything I think MS was trying to give some extra incentive for paying subscribers.. How dare they!

The cost of live is about $4 a month for me.. That is one Big Mac.. If that is too much to pay for all the services Live provides then it's not for you. I could say, well if I didn't eat lunch for a month I could buy a Wii. If you owned a 360 you would see that the service is good for the money.

Do you know what a troll is?? What section are we in right now?? How dare I talk positive and defend the 360 in a 360 article!!! I do not go into PS3 sections screaming.. PS3 SUXXXORS PSN>>>>>>&am p;gt ;>XBL.. However, I will defend it when it's being attacked by people who don't even own the system.

@4.4 - Oh come on!! Out of these small novels I'm typing you find one problem and you jump on it. You seem like the kind of person who will kick a guy in the nutts when you fight him and then claim you "kicked his azz". I think you are just mad because you've been called out and are losing this argument. Just ignore me.. I've already ignored you.

TeaDouble_E3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

How is it like paying to play demos off the market place ? Or better yet how is it like paying for peer to peer laggy online play. Lets break it down 50$ for one year gold membership for however many years Microsoft last, Im giving it 4 years. Ok thats 200$ of money going to waste, I could save 50 more dollars and get a Wii if I wanted to.

Look I rarely comment on this site but you sir are a total TROLL, every time I log on this site I see you. The only thing you accomplish is make a total arse out of your self.

TeaDouble_E3902d ago

Quote from Razer (You get all the services of Live for free except for Multi-player for FREE) ? You are not making any sense, calm down and review what you type cause it looks like you type like a sixth grader. You can spin this all you want but cant change the truth ! Still making a fool out of your self Xbot, dont you need to spend your money on oil.

Reganomics3902d ago

.xbox live is 4 bucks a month, downloading demos is absolutly free all the time even without xbox live (gold that is). I have never had a "laggy conection" unless other people where on my network.Obviously you have no idea what your talking about. So you why dont you do yourself a favor and quit while ur behind.

rofldings3902d ago

if by "all the time," you mean "1 week after the release date"

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Bnet3433902d ago

*sits back, eats popcorn*

razer3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Let's see how many douchebags who don't own the system and it doesn't even effect them comment..

I see several already.. Talk about some low-life losers..

EDIT: PSNID is PerfectGun

I don't give it out here because I don't want any of the Sony people from this site adding me to their friends list. I don't want to game with a bunch of arrogant pretentious aholes.

I am not repulsed by the system.. I do not go and troll PS3 articles looking to pick a fight. I am merely defending the 360 from the infinite attacks it gets on this site from d!ckhead fanboys. I do the same for the PS3, except for some reason I seem to have to do it a hell of a lot more for the 360. Just look at at this comment thread dude? How many trolls are in it??? It happens on just about every single article here, especially if its something negative 360. You would have to be dense not to see it! I know it happens to the PS3 articles but nothing like it happens on the 360 side

And yes, I do own both and the 360 is better IMO.. Sorry if you don't agree but that is the reality.

EZCheez3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

You never answered me about owning a PS3. Seriously, why do you bother owning something that repulses you so badly? In my opinion, a low-life loser is someone who pretends as if he owns a console so he can think his comments sound less biased.

You know, like WilliamRLBaker does.

What's your PSNID?

romemac73902d ago

what bigger low-life losers then you razer and Microsoft to. like danja said psn > live, i always pay exact amounts for DLC on psn. its nice, free, and we don't have to buy point bundles to be able to buy content lol.

razer3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

First of all put down the controller and pick up an English book. I can barely understand what you are saying.

Not everyone owns a credit card so point cards can be a benefit. You can also find deals on point cards often and can usually get it for less money then what the point cards are worth. PSN is free but it offers 1/3 of the services that XBL does. Let me know when you can do something as simple as message someone else when they are playing a different game then you or answer an inbox message while you are playing a game without existing..

You are another person commenting about something they know nothing about. You have never been on XBL but you can claim PSN is better. You are like most of the other people in this thread with your head so far up Sony's azz that you will tow the company line even when you don't know what you are talking about.

EDIT: Surprise! Disagrees. What is it you don't agree with?? That this guy uses bad grammer or that it's OK to talk about something you have no experience with?? Maybe there was a new update I didn't hear about that let's you do all the things I mentioned above. Please correct me if I'm wrong I have no problem admitting if I'm incorrect.

@5.5 - OK so I guess the point cards are exact denominations of what the content costs on PSN?? No, they are in point bundles just like XBL cards are. What is the difference?? I do applaud Sony for using real money and I've complained many times on Xbox forums about using the "Vegas Casino" mentality with their points. But it hasn't changed and the reason why I don't buy crap off it. You do know you don't have to buy these stuff if you don't agree with it right??

romemac73902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

i have my head up sony a$$, right as far as you have your head up Microsoft a$$. btw dumba$$ sony know not everyone has credit card and that why they sale psn card at gamestop, toyRus, etc... that your can use to buy DLC on psn.

@razer: your right, the psn card do come in bundles of 10,20,30,etc... but the difference is its real money not points and i know what am getting when i buy one bro. i know a psn game cost let say $7.99, so then i go and buy a $10 psn card and that it. but with the 360 its 800 points but then only sale 500 points card, so then i would have to buy 2 500 points card or 1 500 points card and 3 100 points card. wtf is the points of having to do all that to gwet one game bro. plus on top of that $50 a year for live. wtf!!!!

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