New Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century trailer shows first gameplay

Konami has released the second trailer of the new Suikoden trailer which shows the first gameplay.

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disturbing_flame2546d ago

Looks like one the best looking JRPG on PSP, i'll play this one on VITA.

FrigidDARKNESS2546d ago

Looks totally awesome.....don't countnonnthis title being released outside Japan.

jc485732546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

most likely it will as Konami always goes with limited runs with titles like suikoden.

Spenok2545d ago

Oh man i hope so!!

I have loved all the Suikoden titles. And have been begging for a new one since Tierkreis. And this one looks fabulous.

NoOoB1012546d ago

iv been waiting for a new suikoden for sooo long >< but i want it on consoles not handhelds =/ Maybe I will get it with the vita when it comes out

Guwapo772545d ago

Man I know your pain. I've missed really good JRPGs like this on the consoles. I've been waiting since the start of this generation... Best believe I'll pick this up on Vita if that is my only option. I pray it makes it outside of Japan.

Spenok2545d ago

I agree, V was fantastic, and its unfortunate that they haven't released a new one for consoles yet. However if you missed out on Tierkreis then i urge you to go play it.

Inception2546d ago

Even vita already out, i'm happy that a lot of devs still supporting PSP. Next year, my PSP can enjoy a lot of great games, muahahahaha!

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