150° Is Super Smash Bros. Obsolete?

"A few exceptions aside, I typically do not fancy fighting games. But after all these years, Super Smash Bros. is one fighter I still feel comfortable playing. While other gamers have since moved on from the allegedly dated nature of the original, why do I continue coming back to it?" --

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delosisland2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Smash Melee rocked. Unfortunately Brawl sucked giant monkey balls.
Edit: my reasoning is this; I was dominant among my friends at the original and Melee. When Brawl came out one of my buds could beat me with Kid Icarus by tapping A over and over. It was the MOST LAME thing ever. And smash balls made it unfair as many characters had an advantage in chasing them. It's like killstreaks in modern warfare, u only like em if YOU'RE the one getting them :( to further defend myself, I love smash its my favorite fighting game of all time. I hope they balance it and make it fun again.

Yodagamer2549d ago

Brawl wasn't as good as melee imo, but it definitively didn't suck

Pikajew2549d ago

Nope. Its a great series, that we get once a gen

Matrix2k2549d ago

something that sells 15+ million units worldwide and scored very high isnt obsolete.

homer2549d ago

It did't sell 15 million worldwide(unless maybe you count the entire series which would probably be over 20 million sold.) Lastly, the new one better be more like melee(faster and less noob friendly)

Wiiloveit2549d ago

If you read the article, you'd know that I was referring to the original, not the series at large.

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