How Not to Treat Your Customers: Gamestop

This is a detailed report of my experience at a local Gamestop store on Friday December 23rd, 2011.

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ZombieAssassin2544d ago

Sounds like some terrible employee's the author should of called up the manager I know I would have. Luckily the people who work at the 2 GameStop by me are generally nice and actually know their stuff...they'll even call other Gamestops close by to see if they have what you're looking for if they don't have it in stock (helps their are 2 GS's less than a mile apart). Can't say I really blame them though, I've seen how bad those places get around the holidays and customers are usually rude anyways then pack the place full and it gets even worse.

triverse2544d ago

That was a recount of my experience, I am thinking about calling the store later this week and discussing the situation with the manager (though he was one of the people involved). May have to go a bit higher on the ladder to get anything resolved out of this.

This is the first time that I have ever experienced anything like this and I have worked at Wal-Mart part time as a seasonal employee several years. Every year I have done that temp work, I was put on Black Friday unwrapping duties and even there, I didn't see employees treating customers this badly.

LettingGo2544d ago

Are you absolutely sure you aren't exaggerating? This seems like a bit much. I worked for GameStop for three and a half years. If ANY of us had talked to a customer as you described, we'd have been fired on the spot.

Disclaimer: I HATE GameStop. I quit there to work at a much better store: Disc Replay. ;)

ScytheX32544d ago

contact the district manager

jeeves862544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

It sucks that they didn't have the game you were looking for, but if they treated you rudely and you just rolled over and took it only to come and complain on the internet - then expect to have that happened to you all the time.

If you're expecting people in retail to be nice to you at - of all times - December 23, then don't go out. Retail employees are under a lot of pressure to sell. And regardless of what the company motto says, retailers only care about the cash in your pocket. If it means herding customers like sheep, they'll do it. If it means threatening to not service anyone who throws a stick in their spokes, they'll do it.

If people complain, the company will 'try' to make it appear like they do care, but really...

BX812544d ago

Why not just man up and talk about it right there to his face? If he was wrong then he's wrong, no way around it. Or just keep blogging about it till you feel like you accomplished something meaningful.

Pozzle2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I think it's far too late to be ringing anybody over it. Nobody "higher up on the ladder" is going to care about a customer complaint made a week after the event actually happened. You should have asked for the manager on the spot.

I know it can be difficult to work in retail (especially around Christmas)...but that's no excuse for rudeness and insults towards a customer. And if this story is true, I would have asked for the manager on the spot if an employee had been insulting to my face, regardless of how busy the store is. Make a complaint when the event actually happens. If not, then suck it up and move on.

Gamer-Z2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )


Man up and go back to the store and try that again and if they have the game tell them F you guys and point at the douche that treated you bad and complain. I remember when a gamestop employee tried to sell me a game new that was already open and didn't even have the box that it comes in even though there was a used original casing for the game on the shelf! 0_o

kreate2544d ago

Skip everything and call corporate.
Even the survey on the receipt doesnt do anything.
At least not for me anyway.

Also when gs employees doesnt know their own sale, u gotta call corporate so the corporate can tell them about gs sales and how to ring it up.

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RyuDrinksTheDew2544d ago

definitely should have filed a complaint. never take rudeness lightly.

im friends with all the guys at my local gamestop, so, luckily, i havent ever had this problem with the franchise.

triverse2544d ago

There were several employees there, I knew by name all but one. They were all rude like that to me and many others.

Lucreto2544d ago

Christmas can be a stressful time for employees. It sounded like the person was in a bad mood. I have to be honest I have been rude a few times as I was stressed with the management to work faster and clear the line and keep behind the till clear.

It is not an excuse but you have to think about the employees stress levels. You are there for a short time but he has to work there. The busy period could lead to him being short with you. Go back at a quiet time and he could be totally different.

triverse2544d ago

Your response about the situation the employee explains why I "blogged" about it rather than filing complaints, making phone calls and getting them in more trouble.

Hicken2544d ago

It sucks that you had this experience. As an employee who worked the 23rd, myself, I can imagine exactly what sort of scene it was. And although there's little excuse for the rudeness, there are a few rational reasons that could have brought on their attitudes.

1. PS2 Games: I dunno how often you visit that GameStop- or any, in general- but PS2 games, in particular, are frowned upon by the corporate higher-ups. At my store, we're not even allowed to display the games; even the new games no longer have cases, because we were told to throw them out. As such, we got rid of our section that displayed PS2 games, like where you picked up that GOW case. In all likelihood, that case was promotional only: cases we MUST display, whether we have the game in stock or not.

2. Dumb Customers: You were patient and polite during your time in the store; during the holidays, that's usually a rarity. So many customers come in at the last minute, wanting a deal that ended a week ago, or looking for something that every store in the area has been out of for days. Or they call asking stupid and/or time-consuming questions. Generally, you only deal with one or two such customers like that every few days; you can tolerate it, because it's offset by the more intelligent customers, like yourself. But when you're putting in 8-12 hours multiple days in a row, and a third or more of your customers are asses, it makes even the most customer-oriented retail worker short-tempered.

3. Corporate Pressure: GameStop is stupid. No, really. The company cares about money, and that's fine, right? Any company should care about the money they make. But GameStop has gotten so big that it's forgotten that it's in a niche market, and they're trying to treat everything like a standard retail outlet. This puts all kinds of pressure on the employees- more specifically the ones who actually care about games and the job they're doing- and pushes the company to hire people ignorant to gaming and/or customer service who only know how to SELL. Gamers don't mix well with these people, hence the tension between my boss and myself. Top it off with all the other stupid stuff they want you to do WHILE you deal with a constant stream of customers WITHOUT enough man-hours to do it all in, and there's one more straw added to the camel's back.

As I said, I'm not justifying their actions as acceptable. I'm as low on the totem pole as you get get, position-wise, but I will and have called out my boss for doing things I find unacceptable at my store.

Still, it helps to put the situation in perspective.

maddfoxx2544d ago

I dont believe this story at all. I never worked for gamestop but I have worked in other retail stores. From my experience customers tend to exaggerate and make things up.

BX812544d ago

Yeah I can believe yelling about the line because people act like animals when it comes to buying crap (see black friday) especially around the holidays. The guy said they didn't have the game big deal. If the blogger thought he was out of line with his attitude then address it right there. I can't stand when people cry about things like this and say I'm gonna call the store later or write a letter. Man up and address right then and there. Also if you're going to complain about this one incident and write a letter or call the store manager make sure you write a letter and call the store manager when an employee goes out of his/her way to make you happy.

Kthalas2543d ago

Dealing with the person in question isn't always a good idea. Had I dealt with the guy from my response a few minutes ago, I'd've decked the guy for cussing at me. With the metal in my back, that would've hurt me as much as my fist hitting him would've hurt him. Not to mention, I'd rather not go to jail to hitting someone.

The Store Manager was the culprit to start with and getting into a pissing contest over a matter of opinion wouldn't have done me any good any how. Was better to complain the way I did and got the guy fired for verbal abuse.

I don't always fill out the customer survey from my experience, but I do fill them out from time to time. I always put in there that the person that helped me was very helpful. I tell them that my experience was a very positive one.

I've only had 1 bad experience with GameStop. I've had dozens of very enjoyable experiences with GameStop.

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