David Jaffe talks about being 'in bed' with Sony

David Jaffe talks about being a sony fanboy and making a new twisted metal

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HarryEtTubMan3656d ago

"There's just something elegant about playing a game on the PS3."

From the creator of the Teisted Metal Series and the Dierctor of God of War

brocool3656d ago

Who cares about Twisted Metal .. I want GOW3!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaka2K63656d ago

David Jaffe is the fuc$ing man....

A new Twisted Metal for PS3 come on drop it already.

GIJeff3656d ago

followed by twisted metal black. There NEEDS to be a Twisted Metal PS3.NEEDS. not even really an option at all. It just needs to happen.

phoenixtilt3656d ago

Ok god of war was a good enough game but this guy thinks cause it was good he walks on water and puts every thing else down

THX71683656d ago

He freaking created God of War! He does walk on water in my eyes. After making such an incredible game he should be able to put everything else down.

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The story is too old to be commented.