PBG: The Worst Game I've Ever Played

PeanutButterGamer: "This is pretty much the worst game I've ever played. Hubert the Teddy Bear: Winter Games for the Nintendo Wii. Just figured I'd share it with you guys...Merry Christmas!"

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Euthanasia782546d ago

Brink is My worst game ever. I acctually waited months for that, make that years. It was total crap.

LettingGo2546d ago

As much as I now hate this game, Haney is still the worst Bear.


SolidGear32546d ago

Any GTA for me. God awful boring. All you do is drive around half the time. Hasn't Rockstar heard of either Fast Travel or let the other person drive so it'll cut to the destination like in L.A Noire (which is a brilliant game to me).

TopDudeMan2546d ago

I have a lot of fun playing really bad games, believe it or not. You could spend a long time just laughing at how bad it is.

SolidGear32546d ago

Yeah, the combat in Dragon Age: Origins was laugh worthy because of how terrible it is. 'Right away' or 'As you wish' everytime you press attack. Needless to say, I absolutely love Dragon Age II.

TopDudeMan2546d ago

I like dragon age: origins, but I prefer the combat in 2 because it "feels" better. I think we're in the minority in preferring dragon age 2, though. I preferred the story in Dragon age origins, however.