2007 Gaming Letdowns's staff takes a look at the past year at some of their biggest letdowns.

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ASSASSYN 36o3851d ago

ENTER WHINING HERE:_____________________

jiggyjay3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

"Letdown: The PS3 In General

Why: Sony fanboys love pointing out that the Xbox 360 had similar problems in its first year, but fail to disclose that a successful company learns from the mistakes of its competitors. While the Xbox 360 was blazing new trails with downloadable content, achievements and a great network infrastructure, albeit with some speedbumps along the way, Sony appears to have never once taken note. Here we are a year later with little signs of improvement. The PlayStation Network remains a poorly designed environment, not a single game has justified the existence of the PS3 and every week seems to start with a new SKU announcement. It's clear the PS3 was rushed to market without proper focus on how to win, if for no other reason than Sony believed the PlayStation logo was all they needed. "

LoLLOLLOLLOLOOLOLOLOLLOLOL! Saw that coming! Good thing nobody spent $600 on that crap! hahahah That's funny cuz people did! They call themselves Sony Fans what they really are though is idiots!

Fighter3851d ago

No RROD on that list. It was big news and gamers are still feeling the sting.

toughNAME3851d ago

No approval, no report, yet you take the time to contribute with this great comment?

Bad Sony news is still news

now shoo Sony boy!

socomnick3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Funny how the Ps3 is on that list. I'm not buying one anymore its just a complete failure. I might get a ps4 if its decent.

Shaka2K63851d ago

milkio galaxy with kidtendo 64 graphics.
R&C Future destroys it.


halo 2.1 with xbox graphics.

Warhawk the best online game this year.

hotshot1273851d ago

im pretty sure rachet and uncharted delivered. i dont care that he said the ps3 but the fact that he said not 1 game is what annoys me.

but hey its our OPINIONS right.
but i keep hearing bad things about mass effect every now and then from the techniqual problems to the bland enviorements to boring gamplay.

is that game good or freakin not? gamers please tell me your honest opinions

socomnick3851d ago

Mass Effect was awesome man I was expecting a little more from it though. Its a game every rpg fan should play though.

Dr Pepper3851d ago

Honestly, the game (Mass Effect) is incredible (in my opinion). I think the story is awesome and the gameplay is really fun. It has never frozen on me and I have had a framerate problem once. The one thing that kind of gets on my nerves after a while is the texture pop-in (at least after you load a game).

Overall, It's my favorite game of the year and no RPG fan (or gamer in general) should pass it up. I can't wait for Mass Effect 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.