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1up: Flop That Most Deserved to Succeed in 2011

You remember Rez, right? Sega's cult classic for Dreamcast and PlayStation 2? The game that people are always saying deserved better -- always saying how they'd love to see a sequel to it, and that they'd make sure it got its due if it did? Well, for all intents and purposes, Child of Eden is that sequel. (3DS, Bulletstorm, Child of Eden, Nintendo DS, PC, PS3, PSP, Rayman Origins, Wii, Xbox 360)

scrambles  +   1432d ago
extremely cool game but its not hard enough or maybe its just cuz its a railshooter sold at 60$.
guitarded77  +   1432d ago
Price point has a lot to do with it, especially in a year like 2011 with so many great games. People on fixed incomes tend to buy franchises they know and games they know they can get a lot of replay value out of. You can't fault 'em, not everyone can shell out $60 for a new IP they're not sure of.
Child of Eden, Bulletstorm and Rayman were all great games and deserved higher sales, but CoE was something even many core gamers were unsure of. With Rayman, many are afraid to spend $60 on a platformer and its release date was at the busiest time of the season. And Bulletstorm launched the same day as Killzone 3 if I remember correctly, also the lack of competitive online probably hurt it even though the co-op online was fun.
EVILDEAD360  +   1432d ago
Eden was NEVER $60..all games on Kinect or Move are $49

But, hopefully the game will get bundled or sell at $20 in the future so people can appreciate this gem.

Ubisoft never promoted it outside of the gaming conference and internet.

MAiKU  +   1431d ago
Excuse me? i bought this game day one and it was NOT 60 bucks.
LettingGo  +   1432d ago
Not bad, but a bit repetitive for a $60 game, don't you think? I'd rather play Flower and that was much cheaper.
Venox2008  +   1432d ago
I love this game, love REZ too.. now it has a fair price at the moment, so people buy it
from the beach  +   1432d ago
It's unfortunate that people are so hung up on price / amount of content, on the enjoyment front alone I got more 'value' from CoE than many other titles this year.
KILLERAPP  +   1431d ago
What kill child of Eden was the exclusive months to the 360, if it would have come out to both at the same time they wouldn't have sold it on PS3 at 30 bucks less but I guest that check from MS did screw you in the end...
DFresh  +   1431d ago
Eden/Rayman: Origins were way over priced.
($15-$20 = Reasonable. Anything over that is too much. IMO.)

Those games could of easily been downloadable games for PSN/XBLA/Steam.

Bulletstorm is a nice idea but it wasn't that original to me.
(Looked like a fancy hybrid between Unreal/Gears of War.)
PirateThom  +   1431d ago
Eden maybe, but check my review of Rayman for a full explanation of why I disagree with Rayman being overpriced. That game had more gameplay than every game released this year bar, maybe, Skyrim.

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