Football at Foundry

Foundry Forged!!

By now you've no doubt heard about Foundry, one of three new battlegrounds that make up the Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack. This large voluminous warehouse is fashioned after the industrial spaces seen in the town of Voi during the Halo 3 campaign ("The Storm"). By default, Foundry is a great small to medium sized map that promotes some pretty frantic close quarters gameplay. But, beneath the surface, Foundry has much more to offer when combined with the power of Forge and a huge variety of brand new objects.

Last week we invited members of the media to come to Bungie and get some hands-on time with all three maps prior to their release. After methodically dissecting and playing through games on all three maps, the latter part of the day was more free flowing with an emphasis on Forge editing, particularly in Foundry. As friends from EGM, IGN, Gamespot, Team Xbox, Halo.Bungie.Org, Tied the Leader and others fiddled around with custom games, I took a seat at one empty station and began work on my own masterpiece.

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