1up: Most Daring Game of 2011

At first glance, Catherine seems daring for its risqué qualities: The cover art features sexy ladies in revealing clothes gazing at the viewer with a come-hither look in their eye, and some of its promotional art features innuendo that borders on downright naughty. Spend a little time with the game, though, and you'll quickly come to realize that its real challenge to video game conventions comes through its narrative and play mechanics.

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ChrisW2096d ago

So... For those who bought it and played it, do you still have? Or does GameStop have your copy of it now?

NewMonday2096d ago

keeping it, one of the most special games ever. was never bored for a second.

TheGameFoxJTV2092d ago

Never, this game is a keeper, it's so vastly different from most games released today, and well worth the purchase. Don't let the terrible marketing this game received turn you off.

SolidGear32096d ago

I paid for mine on day 1 .. Still have it .. My GOTY pick, plus the best game ive played in 20 years

ReservoirDog3162096d ago

The 3rd act is such a misstep honestly. It had a bad translation (it must be a translation issue since they basically say the same 3 things repeatedly for about 30 min straight) on top of the strange twist it takes at the end but it was still really* good.

NewMonday2096d ago

their are branching storylines at a point, and about 8 endings.

Umbrella Corp2096d ago

My copy was traded for skyrim from a friend.i still got the special edition stuff though it was a solid t shirt and pillow case

Inception2096d ago

Great work Atlus. I hope they never stop making fresh game like this ^^