Top 10 Holy Sh*t Gaming Moments of 2011

GR - "Your videogaming experience of 2011 may be entirely limited to Team Fortress 2, so here are some videos to show you what you might've missed out on throughout the year."

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BluEx6102545d ago

lol at the A-Team one at the end. Like a boss.

EditorAtGNG2544d ago

Seriously, that was freaking BADASS!

SantistaUSA2544d ago

The BF3 video is the perfect definition of EPIC! :D I was like WTF O.O lol

hay2544d ago

Dead Space 2 moment remind me a bit of Quake 4, where main char was "Strogified" being conscious through entire process. Awesome scene.

Jio2545d ago

I hate how they label the MW3 moment as one of the "best in an FPS"

scrambles2545d ago

CoD died a long time ago. Its time for everyone who knows anything about FPS's to start ignoring it and/or yell at its fans. The casual FPS is taking over now and if it continues even red orchestra or arma someday will be casual.

NovusTerminus2545d ago

I watched my brother go through the eye poker, and he got it on the first shot. Then he went to work and I got there... I missed it. and O...M...G... That was messed up.

Though I LOVED Dead Space 2!

Lord_Sloth2545d ago

Yes but both of them made me cringe. lol

TekoIie2545d ago

Dead space had tons of these moments lol

RankFTW2544d ago

DS2 is my GOTY, I loved that game so so much.

Yodagamer2545d ago

that battlefield one is badass as hell!!!

Legion2545d ago

That guy knows how to utilize his JET skills and Engineer class. When I went to watch the full version of that video I thought at one moment he was going to jump out mid air and repair the plane. ha

JohnApocalypse2545d ago

I just found out that Saint's row 3 has the bloody Aqua Teen Hunger Force song!

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The story is too old to be commented.