Our Best Christmas Gaming Memories

"The first Christmas memory that comes to mind when I’m asked to think of the most awesome, was Christmas morning 1994, when I got a Game Boy bundle with Tetris. Original, fat, 20-pound, gray-on-yellowish-graphic-havi n’, Game Boy. I do believe I honestly thought to my 11-year-old self, “This is like having a Nintendo I can walk around with. This is the best thing that will ever exist. Nothing can ever be better than this.” In a way, I was right; technology and game design improved, but the feeling of that moment has never been duplicated for me. I often remind my family of this fact." -Heath Hindman of PlayStation LifeStyle

"December is the season of giving and receiving, and if you’re reading this website, you probably enjoy video games. Oh hey, so do we! In this feature, we at PlayStation LifeStyle share some of our favorite gaming-related Christmas memories." -PSLS

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