20 Graphically Insane Games to Look Forward to in 2012

Reith writes: "Games get more daring and intelligent each year, and I don't just mean in terms of AI and technical innovations. Having written a series of features already on what to expect from 2012, I approached this particular feature with a sense of dread, expecting nothing more than coining a list of highly similar games where graphics become more of a contest than a method of expression. 2012 is lifting my spirits though, as my research has reminded me of the wealth of intriguing and visually original titles that await us in new year. Here's 20 of them for your perusal. "

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Fishy Fingers2548d ago

Quite the dramatised headline, certainly not what we've come to expect from GamingBolt.

Karooo2548d ago

Every site has its unique style lol.

blaaah2548d ago

A list like this one can't be called complete without including Diablo III


The headline might as well be '20 Games to Look Forward to in 2012'

Most of those games hardly qualify as 'graphically insane'.

Darkfocus2547d ago

Diablo 3 has shitty graphics...Well the Beta does at least..I'm in it...also my avatar is the games launch shortcut so it's not like I'm not a fan it's an extremely well made game...the graphics are shit though...

Joule2548d ago

What do you mean not to expect? These guys suck, I never click their links.

TenSteps2548d ago

He meant it as sarcasm dummy. Unless it's not, or unless your post is sarcasm to his sarcasm then I'm the dummy. Maybe this post is sarcasm to your sarcasm about his sarcasm. But then who's the dummy?

Long story short medium possibility I could be the dummy.

NeXXXuS2548d ago

I never click any links lol. I always look at the comments on here before I try to click on anything :P

Sunhammer2547d ago

PS3 exclusives always making lists.

*hugs PS3* Who's a good girl? You're a good girl. Oh, oh yeah...

ATi_Elite2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Stalker 2
Metro Last Light
Arma III
X: Rebirth
Planetside 2
Super Monday Night Combat
Doom 4
Carrier Command:Gaea Mission
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
Guild Wars 2
Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
End of Nations
Mechwarrior Online
Project C.A.R.S.
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Microsoft flight 2012

raytraceme2547d ago

lol those games blow anything on the xbox. Fortunately ps3 has artstyle worked out for its games that they are more desirable to look at. I do think that metro last light might be the best looking game technically next year though. PC > ALL

DFresh2547d ago

You forgot Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Tribes: Ascend.

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Orpheus2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

ALl the games in the list will piss in front of Metro Last Light PC version ..... oh i forgot .... Planetside 2 also

Orpheus2548d ago

Fooooooour disagreeeeees lolz ..... n4g is filled with kids ... naaaah it was my bad ..... ps3 got unlimited power and Xbox360 games can be optimized soo much that it can harness 200% power of that toy ... lol the first machine on planet that works at over 100% efficiency lolz LMAO =)) =))

_Aarix_2548d ago

Dude, get over yourself

RyuCloudStrife2548d ago

hmmm and you say n4g is filled with kids

NeXXXuS2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

You do know that disagrees don't take away your bubbles, right? It just means that people don't agree with what you're saying. Keep comments to yourself about how some people don't like what your opinion is.

paddystan2547d ago

Have you never heard of a game called The Last of Us by the edge-breaking Sony owned developer Naughty Dog? Or have you lived under a rock since VGA?

annus2547d ago

Have you seen Metro: 2033 on PC max? And I mean in person, not some youtube compressed video. As awesome as The Last of Us will be, it won't be anything compared to the new Metro when it comes out. 2033 looked amazing and I'm sure the new one will top 2033 by a fair margin.

Rivitur2547d ago

Gotta agree with Annus Metro: 2033 was beatiful on pc however Last light look way better and 4a showed it on a moderate pc. It will be interesting to see which game looks better on PS3 though...

paddystan2547d ago

Yes, I have seen it, and I have Metro 2033 on my gaming PC. But where did you read something like "I don't think Metro: Last Light look good", because I really think it looks way better than The Last of Us.

BlmThug2547d ago

Its a damn trailer. You havent even seen any actual gameplay. You Fanboys are so gullible, they show a trailer and boom you say its going to be one of the best graphically insane games of 2012.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2548d ago

I'm most looking forward to GTA 5 on that list.

RXL2548d ago

i don't understand why you got a disagree...

is the person that disagreed with what you said, trying to say themselves that you aren't looking forward to gta5? do they know you, better than yourself? this you from the future?..warning you not to get your hopes up?..

i must know who disagreed and why?!..

vortis2548d ago

They disagreed because GTA V doesn't belong on the list.

It doesn't even look better than GTA IV iCEnhanced. How can a new game be graphically insane when it doesn't look better than its predecessor?

RXL2548d ago

i keep forgetting about the graphically insane part...

but as a rebuttal..for the sake of it..

it hasn't come out how can you judge a game that has only a trailer?

vortis2547d ago

Dude, the trailer was all in-engine and if it has to run on the 360/PS3 it won't look better than what we seen. If you play GTA IV on the 360/PS3 and play it on PC you'll know exactly what I'm talking about in regards to the graphics fidelity issue that GTA V will face.

The hardware is more than six years old and games are being held back to accomodate the old GPUs and limited amounts of half-gigabyte RAM. It doesn't matter if it's a trailer or not, technically you CANNOT have an open-world more detailed and graphically rich than what we seen in GTA IV if they plan to keep using Euphoria (which they will) and if it plans to keep running on RAGE (which it does) and they plan to add MORE gameplay mechanics.

Graphically insane? Not by a long-shot. A decent looking open-world action game for the consoles? Definitely.

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Matrix2k2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

graphically insane is not artistically insane

and usually graphically insane games end up being the most generic and dull

borderlands 2
ff 13

3/4 are japanese games. They rule art style
out of all those these are the most artistically unique

D3mons0ul2548d ago

The list mentions artistic quality too. What are you getting at?

Matrix2k2548d ago

its implying it plays second fiddle. It doesnt

The amount of polygons you an push on a screen is irrelevant

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