Battlefield 3 42% off and Huge Accessory Discount in Amazon's Daily Deals

Battlefield 3 has been reduced by 42% for today only at Amazon. To compliment the deal, Amazon are also offering 40% off gaming accessories across all platforms.

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2466d ago
Snookies122465d ago

Heck yes nabbed Battlefield up. XD

RememberThe3572465d ago

It's pretty glitchy but the multiplayer is fun as hell. I've been putting tons of time into it.

Newsman2465d ago

They are slowly ironing out the bugs. Key word "slowly"

Snookies122464d ago

Hah for sure, I don't think many people get Battlefield for its single player. o_o

RevengeSociety2465d ago

Just bought it. Great deal.

Hufandpuf2465d ago

There are some really good sales on Amazon going on, I need to jump on those.