Skyrim and More Already on Sale

Steam is having a last minute holiday sale running until next year. Right now you can pick up Skyrim for $40.00! There are also several other titles on sale such as Splinter Cell, Prototype, and Borderlands.

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kcuthbertson2549d ago

Wow...way to post the deals when they only have 2 hours left, and the next day's deals have already started...

JBit922548d ago

These deals run til the 1st...

kcuthbertson2548d ago

No...they don't.

Steam changes the deals EACH day, and then overlap yesterdays deals for 3 or 4 hours.

JBit922548d ago

oh haha... well hopefully someone found this useful for the 3 hours that were left

Enmson2549d ago

i want skyrim so bad i bought some games on sale and didn't think skyrim will be on sale because its new, but i should have known that steam is the best in sales.
now if there is someone nice....:(