Skyrim web app knows all 21,000 cocktail recipes

You'll never need to eat another Giant's Toe again!

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BioWareShocker2400d ago

The amount of content they're cramming into this is awesome!

Grip2400d ago

i'm with u with that..i have never cooked it's not like u have perks to improved or anything..

Matrix2k2400d ago

I mean with the amount of time it took them to put those things in they could of

A) made the combat a non broken mess
B) Improved the story to be good
C) Made the characters memorable
D) Make the art style less geenric
E) Increase the rpg features instead of removing them
F) Instead of adding in more random generic quests, include more unique ones

Spitfire_Riggz2400d ago

Gee tough crowd! Great site good job guys