Gamerevolution: Best Motion Control Game 2011

This year was depressing for motion gaming, though that's generally my default position whenever I'm approached by the thought of being forced to move my body to do something that a button press can do more swiftly, more accurately, and more sensibly. In fact, I play Child of Eden with the controller and Fruit Ninja on its native mobile platforms. The only other real contender in the nominees list is The Gunstringer, but Dance Central 2 is the definition of why motion gaming exists.

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EVILDEAD3602519d ago

So bsiclly this guy DOESNT play motion control games and just pretends to know which was best.'s pretty obvious DC2 wins even if you wanted to go with Zelda.

But, that doesnt stop Fruit Ninja from being great on Kinect, Child of Eden from still being fun with the motion controls, or games that werent even played like Kinect Sports:S2 and Fitness Evolved 2012