Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending December 2nd, 2007

Ben Drawbaugh of writes:

Just when Blu-ray fans thought they'd run away with it, the red camp strikes back with a 58/42 (1.38:1) split according to the Nielsen VideoScan numbers courtesy of Home Media magazine.

The fun part is trying to figure out what everyone bought. Looking at the top ten list, we can only assume that all those new HD-A2 owners have finally started buying movies -- either that or everyone went out and bought a second copy of Planet Earth.

The most interesting thing, is that even though HD DVD almost sold as many titles as Blu-ray, only three made the top ten, and none of them were released the same week.

The latest Top 10 Hi-Def sellers are:

1. Live Free Or Die Hard (Blu-ray)

2. Planet Earth (HD DVD)

3. Spiderman 3 (Blu-ray)

4. Transformers (HD DVD)

5. Ratatouille (Blu-ray)

6. Planet Earth (Blu-ray)

7. 300 (Blu-ray)

8. Shrek (HD DVD)

9. Ocean's Thirteen (Blu-ray)

10. Hairspray (Blu-ray)

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Danja3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

HD DVD pplz love them some Planet's a pity they won't buy actual movies...

ne ways....Blu Ray dominates another week...

as you can tell HD DVD owners bought there players to watch Hi Def porn can't save a format this time around..

shmee3906d ago

BLU RAY will do a clean sweep beacuse of PIRATES 3

i feel bad for those who purchased an HD DVD addon/standalone player

Fighter3906d ago

Planet Earth is the only thing that's appealing right now on HD DVD and that's why it sells more because there's nothing else to watch. Transformers and Shrek are ok but not worth buying since HD DVD customers only buy a few movies compared to Blu-ray owners that buy a lot more because those titles are much better whether it's in picture and sound quality, overall movie quality or both.

aiphanes3906d ago

It came out this week also...and will help..

PS3PCFTW3906d ago

hmmmmmmm, seems to me hddvd gave out alot of planet earths for free.

last time i saw a hddvd player it was bundled with 10 instore choices and 7 mailins.

Back to reality.
Im 100% sure these numbers are from USA ONLY.

theres no way in hell hddvd is that close to bluray worldwide.


ITR3905d ago

I bought Planet Earth today. If you guys haven't realized it yet thats the best HD disc to showcase any HD DVD player. You got textures, hundreds of moving objects on screen at once, high and low saturated colors, deep blacks, multiple whites. Hell, it's a good way to sell any LCD too for that matter.

The next best demo disc will be the next Harry Potter movie which actually had a slightly better review over at HD Digest then it's BD counterpart. (actually I might buy both just for demo's on both player's)

Have you guys figured it out yet? HD DVD sells to an older demographic then BD. BD sells more to a younger demographic. If your buying Star Trek sea 1 on HD then your a Trekkie and your probably in your 30's-60's. That set is $140 buxs! *eeek*
That same demographic watches Planet Earth, but still likes big BAM, BOOM movies like Transformers and etc..but it's not a big priority.

I have a feeling more HD players will hit the market this weekend...with Wal-Mart's and Amazon's 12 discs for free sale. Best Buy is doing a 10 discs sale as well. This is for both the A3's and A30's.

3905d ago
marinelife93905d ago

Too bad the rest of the 5.7 billion people on earth aren't giving HD-DVD as much attention as the US is. It could of been a more competitive race.

Tru_Blu3905d ago

You want to know how all the Plant Earths sold this week? It's all the back-orders were filled. They finally got around to making some HD-DVD's. Slow week on both sides, lol.

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Fan Tastic3906d ago

Shrek 3, garbage.. Bourne movies are good but really they don't have great titles blu-ray has.

Fighter3906d ago

Not once has HD DVD won for total weekly sales on the Nielsen VideoScan chart. The problem is that HD DVD owners don't buy movies because they expected all those FOX, Disney and Sony titles on HD DVD and ended up disappointed by the lack of quality titles. They probably still expect them to be released this year. HA!

Pirates 3 will certainly make Blu-ray a winner again one along with Highschool musical 2, Superbad, Lost season 3, The Simpsons movie, Rush Hour 3 (timed exclusive with PiP video commentary and 7.1 surround), Blade Runner, Terminator 3 and the Harry Potter movies. HD DVD also has Blade Runner, Terminator 3 and Harry Potter but they will sell much better on Blu-ray just like 300 did even with less extra features.

The only major exclusives on HD DVD this month are The Bourne Collection and Battlestar Galactica Season One. Those are the only HD DVD titles I want and sadly they won't sell well because they are both overpriced boxed sets and we all know how cheap HD DVD owners are. If you support HD DVD then you should buy some of the good exclusives because if you don't then you might as well kiss HD DVD goodbye a lot sooner than expected.

aiphanes3906d ago

I gots to get the bladerunner bluray!!!

Lets hope there is HD master audio in this bluray!!!

Shaka2K63906d ago

7 Blu-ray tittles.
3 h-dud flicks.

Blu-ray owns 70% of the HD market. simple math.

Blu-ray FTW!!!!!!!!!

ActionBastard3906d ago

Dude, those 10 titles aren't the entire market. I enjoy me some Blu-Ray, but don't just spew out nonsense to try and hide some self induced circle jerk corporate personification inferiority complex.

Close_Second3906d ago

...simple math. I hope to hell you don't do anything that requires you to use that brain of yours where peoples lives are at stake.

whoelse3906d ago

But yeah Pirates 3 should do wonders! :)

Close_Second3906d ago

...people buy some of these "big blockbuster" movies. They are worth 2 or 3 viewings at best. Pirates 3 was incredibly long to sit through the second time around. I doubt I'll watch it again before a format to replace Blu-Ray comes out.

darthv723906d ago

the big "3" movies of the summer all seemed to not do so good in the theaters. Spiderman 3, Pirates 3 and Shrek 3. It wasnt much of a 3 year this time around.

Home sales will be better but I am guessing not by much. If sony has to give away SM3 with every PS3 then it shows that they pressed to many BD copies of the flick.

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