Battlefield 3: Christmas Comes Early With Origin Half Price Sale

Nowgamer - EA has revealed a couple of great Christmas offers on Origin - the first is Battlefield 3 discounted by 50 per cent, if you buy it on 24/25 of December.

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Chnswdchldrn2551d ago

Already took advtange of the black friday sale which was--I believe---the same sale?

jthamind2551d ago

i went to origin and it still says $59.99. i even added it to my cart and the price hasn't changed. am i doing something wrong?

SubZeroMaster2551d ago

^ something about it being UK only though

jthamind2551d ago

well, that sucks. lol. i'd been on the fence about getting it since i'm not big on FPS multiplayer, but this sale finally pushed me to get it...but then i couldn't. :(

at least i couldn't for half off. lol.

SubZeroMaster2551d ago

i defitnily want it, i just want it for the cheap-cheap

PwnerifficOne2550d ago

Just but it off Amazon for $34 today lol. No tax and I can play it today xD.

SubZeroMaster2550d ago

did the same, an saw the notifcation.....YEAH BOY

too bad i still gotta shell out 15 for the dlc