Burnout Paradise Powered by PS3

Electronic Arts-owned game developer Criterion Studios has always had a vision of what they wanted their best-selling Burnout franchise to be, but before PLAYSTATION®3, the team was never able to bring this vision to gamers.

Alex Ward, Creative Director at Criterion Studios, was showcasing the PS3 version of Burnout Paradise at EA's Redwood Shores Studio Showcase. He said the new game is making the most of the technology under the hood of the PS3 system.

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Danja3873d ago

Do I smell another better Multi-plat PS3 Burnout..

crap at this rate..Madden 09 will be better

TeaDouble_E3873d ago

Dont forget Fight Night and Oblivion.

v1c1ous3873d ago

that's your fanboy ****.

FirstknighT3873d ago

Wow, I guess sony fanboys have to just lie about the facts. It's been proven that COD4 and Fight Night are better on the 360. Oblivion is exactly the same after the small update.

Please don't lie.

Assassins Creed, Virtual Fighter 5, Orange Box continues the trend that the 360 always gets the better multiplatform games.

GIJeff3873d ago

youre a flaming idiot.

-the end

HarryEtTubMan3873d ago

Shut up first knight your a liar... and Gamesradar just said a day ago how Assassins Creed was better on PS3... with video and photo proof. Yes....your console of choise is a defective piece of garbage, we al ready know. Stop trolling and being jealous.... PS3 WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER. GO ENJOY THE BABOONBOX 180 AND GLITCHY ASS EFFECT... OR HALO IN 640p...or Gears(which UT3 and Uncharted and everything else look way better than... or TWO DAY RENTAL BIOSHOCK. PS3 OWNS 2008 XBOT. HAHAHAH This is just the beginning!

sonarus3873d ago

fight night looks better on ps3 but ps3 suffers frm some frame rate issues. oblivion looks better on ps3 call of duty 4 looks the same as far as i can tell dnt knw where you got your proof from. DMC4 looks better on ps3 at least for the moment. burnout used to look better on ps3 but apparently they look the same now.

fusionboxer3873d ago

Look at it this way. Why is there a need to say that a game will look better on the console you (personally) prefer? What's the benefit?

Does Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, or any independent studio put the money they earn from your smack talk online in your pocket? In reality you get nothing my friends except for displaying a sense of idiocy over the internet.

Besides after reading the article it's great to see that developers out there are still willing to go the extra mile and travel on a new frontier of sorts. Do your thing Criterion! Gamers everywhere are cheering you on!

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aiphanes3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I can not wait for this demo...that is like next week right?

I keep forgetting about this awesome game... Also GTA4 was developed on the PS3 and then ported to the Xbox 360...

mighty_douche3873d ago

"GTA4 was developed on the PS3 and then ported to the Xbox 360"

Link please....

Bonsai12143873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

wasn't so much ported as the ps3 was lead platform for development.

i wanna see some uber physics come out of this game

can i ask what there is to disagree with?

RadientFlux3873d ago

wow news must be really slow if people are linking to the playstation US homepage... next up articles from

Fighter3873d ago

A game that's developed on the PS3 and still looks good on the 360. Criterion are not pathetic lazy devs like all those buffoons at EA this year. EA is publishing the game but Criterion makes games their way and I'm glad a studio recognizes the true potential of the PS3 hardware. The next few years will see a trend where devs shift from 360 to the PS3 as the lead platform for making much better games.

There are still a few more games that are coming out next year that were 360 lead so we should be cautious and buy them only if they're COD4 good.

mboojigga3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

You must circle jerk around this type of news huh? You fanboys go out your way to be that concerned about which game is developed on what. I can bet you the 360 version will still sale more than the PS3 version. With the way software sales have gone in just the last few months alone seeing how exclusives have sold for the PS3, I am not expecting that high of sales for this version regardless if it is made for the PS3 or not.

What makes any of you think that come next year the PS3 will move more devs as the main console? WTF is up with these ignorant comments when the devs have made more sales on the 360 alone vs the Wii and PS3 combined? Until sales come up and more consoles are on the market THEN it might shift.

What is so bad about your comment below that previews have shoed both versions play pretty much similar. So with the circle jerk of excitment that these devs have stated that they used the full power of the CELL. HHMMMMMM well um if that is the case and it runs just as good on the 360 and looks the same, then why the excitement about them using the full power of the Cell? All this is telling us is that the devs got through what others are having issues with on the Cell. Yes it means you don't have a gimped version but don't make it sound as if it is a superior version just becuase.

The Wood3873d ago

some get excited over lead platform and some get excited over sales, six of one half a dozen of the other. Each to their own it seems. To be honest things like this should only really affect people with both systems. Minor differences between games wont make a difference if you only own one console because what the 'others' are playing should have no real affect on your reasons to buy any particular game, unless its like my reason not to by virtua tennis (no online mode). The people with both systems have a nice problem to have in that they get to chose what console they buy for for any and every multi platform game. You may want an fps for the 360 because of the analog sticks or a fighter on the ps3 because of the d pad, UT3 on the 360 because of achievements or UT3 on the ps3 for mouse and keyboard support. It truly must be good to be a multi(next gen)console owner. One day I will be one.

ukilnme3872d ago

Great comment. I enjoy being a PSWii60 owner. I won't miss out on any great exclusives and yes I will be able to enjoy the strengths of each console. For me, the only things that suck about it are not enough money to buy all the games when the are initially released and not having enough time to play anything. Work and family time have wishing for a 36 hour day.

Fighter3873d ago

If you read the article the devs mention that they actually use the cell to the fullest. I can't wait to see what they've done when they let their imaginations loose.

rofldings3873d ago

"We want to get as many people as possible playing Burnout Paradise online," said Ward. "PLAYSTATION®Network is a free and open system and it allows us to bring our vision of online gameplay to the world without restrictions. It's allowing us to do whatever we want."

"We reject the PC paradigm that's dominated online gameplay for a long time," said Ward. "If you grew up playing console games, this mysterious, black ops world of lobbies and clans doesn't apply to a driving game. It works for Warhawk™, which is a great online experience, but not for our game."

So does that mean there's a giant server (Paradise city) - that we just go into and there will be other people just driving around and stuff?

Or am I mistaken? :(

PS3PCFTW3873d ago

rofldings, thats what i thought too.

it sounds great, hopefully its well implemented.

i highly doubt criterion is able to use 100% of the cell. its only been a year.............maybe a 100% of the sdk out now.......but not complete 100%. Its just too early