The Most Anticlimactic Battlefield 3 Video You’ll See

When EA commissioned Freddie Wong and his team to help kick off their “Only in Battlefield” contest last week, this is not what they had in mind. The competition asks gamers to upload their “most epic Battlefield 3 moments” for a chance to win a trip to DICE. And while Wong’s trailer highlighted the glamorous side of a forklift operator’s life, YouTube user AppleTineeAUS brings the profession down to earth after submitting this hilariously anticlimactic depiction of what driving the skid loader is really like.

Official Battlefield 3 trailer music going full blast in the background, the driver takes off in his skid loader as war rages across Wake Island. Dodging explosions and 45 degree hills, the video slows to capture a near miss by a wayward RPG (roaring by at about 15 yards away). The montage concludes with a hot pursuit of an enemy dune buggy, which only has time to stop and repair itself twice before the skid loader scares it away.

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Hufandpuf2545d ago

This wins the contest hands down. Because 100% of the players can drive around aimlessly without accomplishing anything (and often do!). Only in Battlefield.

crxss2545d ago

this is newsworthy? whaa?

appletinee2545d ago

LOL I actually thought that was funny, but as you can see it was a huge ticket server and we were winning easy (I was like 2nd place, i always PTFO haha)I made sure not to harm my teams chance of winning :)Im glad you watched the video

ginsunuva2545d ago

Only game where you can drive a skidloader.

RogerFed2545d ago

Wow this should have a serious chance at winning. It's brilliant whether or not the guy who made it intended it that way.

appletinee2545d ago

hey man thanks for that, Im glad you got what I was going for :D made this account just to comment on this haha

thePatriot2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

lol at 00:50 that't when u usually make a sweet jump with a jeep and he barely gets over.

appletinee2545d ago

Hey NG4 and viewers :D I cant believe the support you guys have shown me, I made this account truly just to comment on this article, Cant thank you guys enough. Im really grateful that people understand the theme I was going for, trying to keep in nice and chill and funny. I mean plenty of people are going to be doing videos of sniping helicopters and all sorts of things but you could do those in other games and previous instalments of the battlefield franchise, I guarantee only in battlefield 3 can you drive around in a skid loader and chase a dune buggy haha Once again im so glad you guys enjoyed it enough to make an article about it.