The 5 Worst Games to Play on Christmas Day

"Most people are going to have some free time during the holidays, but there are definitely some games that you should avoid during Christmas. Whether it’s because they will consume all your time or because your family just won’t understand, it would be for the best if you keep these games locked up until the 26th." -Josh Fernandes

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knifefight2464d ago

Love the banner image XD

Majin-vegeta2464d ago

I would take Dark souls out and replace it with mw3 that game is a mess.

blaze22-qwerty2462d ago

The should have included MW3 A.K.A the most overrated game this gen

Ch1d0r12462d ago

what about skyrim? its overated on the overated list


The killing floor especially with the sick christmas event.

LostTokens2461d ago

What about "Sneak King?" Not much worse than being frightened by a coffee-and-burger-weilding psycho with a hide-and-seek fetish around the holidays.