IGN: Devil May Cry 4 New Look

About a month and a half ago, Capcom finally exposed a little bit more gameplay from Devil May Cry 4, its highly anticipated action title. At Capcom's Gamer's Day event, Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi highlighted a number of gameplay features, such as Nero and Dante's first battle, Dante's new weapons and Nero's augmented powers. Recently, IGN was fortunate enough to have Kobayashi come into their offices to show them a little more of the game, as well as sit down and answer some questions about the title itself.

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razer3819d ago

"Kobayashi spent a little extra time switching back and forth between PS3 and 360 debugs, and it was pretty tricky to see any noticeable difference in the game itself, which bodes well for the performance and visual quality of the game."

Nice when you get an unbiased opinion unlike the two 1up resident Sony toss offs.

eagle213819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

The fact is, it plays at max quality and max control on Playstation 3. I remember Kobayashi saying the controls were the real difference. That ends it for me: I will Dualshock 3 Nero and Dante. This game moves too quick for any faults in control.

razer3818d ago

I guess you would know more about the game then the people who actually played it? Let me guess, you own a PS3 correct?

See the little ignore button under my Avatar feel free to use it and I will do the same.

ps43819d ago

i am not getting this game its good but YA right !#$%@#%$