First Phantasy Star Universe Portable Screenshots

SEGA sends over the first screenshots of the recently announced Phantasy Star Universe Portable. While the visuals look fantastic, it's such a shame that the title will lack online multiplayer. On the up side, players can team up in a 4-player co-operative mode over the PSP's local (ad-hoc) wireless connectivity.

Phantasy Star Universe Portable is scheduled to hit Japan next year.

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Vojkan3941d ago

Interesting, to bad PSP software sales are awful

Sam Fisher3941d ago

i own a 360, psp, and im getting a ps3...but if u know ppl that can hook it up and hack trust me, the psp will be the best thing in the world. u wont go anywhere without it, it would become ur everything like right now i have a gps system hook to it.. u can do alot of sh** if u know whos a professional on stuff like that

solidt123941d ago

I thought online was the main component of this game. I guess I was wrong.

Zhuk3941d ago

what a shame that this isn't online, no point buying it now

PikkonX3941d ago

You could just use Xlink Kai to play the game online. I'm sure that's what the majority of the owners will be doing anyway. Similar to Monster Hunter.

ElementX3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Well Phantasy Star started offline on Sega Master System. I guess it's going back to it's roots.

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