Confessions of an Achievaholic

Meet Dax. He has a problem.

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StrongMan2545d ago

I'm a trophy addict. Nothing beats a platinum trophy. 1,000 gamer points just isn't the same.

TomInc2545d ago

I agree. The Xbox system needs a way to mark that ultimate game completion achievement.

StrongMan2545d ago

Agreed. With Achievements there's no reason to get the last few of them but with trophies you will get the last few trophies to get the ultimate goal which is a platinum trophy.

The trophy system is far better. You can just play games as normal and get a bunch of bronze trophies but to get the golds, and best of all, the platinums you have to work for them and earn them. Gamer points are gamer points and there is no distinction between the 50 point achievements or the 10 point achievements. But you can look at one's trophies and see the bronz, silver, gold, and platinum trophies. Genius.

NukaCola2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Oh I thought Xbox added a page to the achievments that showed something for maxing the gamerscore.

I do admit, although achievements are cool, the ding when a trophy pops up just razes me more. The points don't compare to the trophies for me. Although both are not real the idea of a trophy feels like a winner where as the score never feels like you have reached something. Plus you get a score with trophies with the Level and percentage. It's double win and well....TRIPLE if you add in Vita having trophies now which is MEGATON aweosme!

brodychet2545d ago

Just realized, someone is going down this page disliking everything about trophies.. I'm not even going to say it.. you guys know why.

_Aarix_2545d ago

I'm a achivement addict. Nothing beats 1000 gamerscore. Platinum trophy just isn't the same.

thomasdoranbbz2545d ago

I always feel such a huge sense of achievement when I unlock something when playing an Xbox game. There's just something so rewarding about seeing your gamerscore increase, even if it's just by 10 points at a time! It's especially rewarding if you get a big score increase for something that took you ages to achieve, it really feels deserved!

Octo12545d ago

I'll admit it. I am a huge trophy whore. It's sad to say that trophies now play a big part when I chose games that I want to play.
Anyone else having a hard time with the Time Attack for SoTC. That third boss is a bitch!!

The_Devil_Hunter2545d ago

Man I'm the same way...I hate that sooo much though. I need to realize that I play games mainly to just have fun not get trophies. This is why I did not get Vanquish and Mortal Kombat because I know I might not platinum them...I hate that I'm like this though.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2545d ago

6 Platinums and counting, I always go for trophies.... It's addicting..

neonlight452545d ago

dude I have a friend with 70 platinum's

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2545d ago

I have a friend with 60 thats like WAYY TO much but wow. 70.

I like going for Platinums but im not all that addicted.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2541d ago

god damn bro i just got my 7th guess im not addicted.

DrRichtofen2545d ago

I only have 10 platinum's

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