Steam Holiday Sale - Day 6 Is Now Live

DSOGaming writes: "The sixth day of Steam’s Holiday Sale has just begun and PC gamers can get some interesting titles with a great discount."

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NYC_Gamer2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

i might as well take the dive and buy skyrim for 40 bucks

Letros2546d ago

Hard Rest $5, a steal.

Cajun Chicken2546d ago

Hell yeah. Hard Reset bought. Now I just wait for Serious Sam 3.

caboose322545d ago

Hard Reset is a steal for $5. Also Wings of Prey is great for $5 if your looking for a really fun WW2 flight sim. They removed the awful DRM that the game originally came with so I would say it's definitely worth it now.

john22545d ago

Yeah, both of them are a steal for that price. There is no excuse in not getting them

kramun2545d ago

Company of Heroes for me, I had it on disc but I lost it somehow. More than worth paying for again, especially when it's only £1.39 lol.

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